The Lund Report: Sony & Microsoft up, Nintendo way down

Jordan Lund analyzes the recent NPD figures and says they paint a rosy picture for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but a sour note for the DS and Wii.

Excerpt: "Analysts are fond of lumping the “Game Industry” together as a whole and saying that “the industry is down in 2010.” This is true if your company name starts with “N”. On the other hand if you’re looking at 360 and PS3 sales, the industry is growing and it would seem they haven’t peaked yet."

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Shnazzyone3049d ago

Were far enough into this console generation where the growth is not going to be picking up. It will be dropping bit by bit, year after year until the next generation of consoles hits.

Nintendo is already debuting a new portable and that usually means we're 2 years away from a new Nintendo console. Personally whatever this guy is deriving from the numbers I just don't see. It looks to me that nintendo is still performing the best with ds and wii, ps3 has dropped slightly since the novelty of the slim has blown over and since they have only had a couple game releases lately.

While microsoft is going to ride the wave of their new 360 redesign for a bit before releasing their motion solution. Releasing motion controls might also give a minor boost to ps3 sales for a bit but i don't expect anything long lived.

Meanwhile, I just don't see how nintendo could conceivably be down when they are still outselling their competition.

nickjkl3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

not true

ps3 is still haveing year over year growth why would sales go down in anticipation of another console gen when you dont even know if its coming or not

i mean come on a new portable exactly how many portables does nintendo have under the DS name DS lite DSi and DSiXL the 3ds is just a continuation of that trend no to mention the ds came out in 2004

you cant really say the ps3 has worn off novelty since the slim because its still within lines of its usual patttern of increase in sales between quarters 1 2 3 followed by a drop in quarter 4 which includes the first half of this year and this is excluding the fact that supply was low

honestly i dont think you know to much about predicting console sales not to mention the ps3 and 360 had way more potential than the ps2 and xbox even when they are maxed out developers still wont be squeezed in terms of what they can do compared to last gen

Spenok3049d ago

Just to make a note, the 3DS is not just "another" DS in the DS lineup, its the successor. Its new hardware, with new capabalities. It might as well be called the DS2. Otherwise i pretty much agree with everything else.

siyrobbo3049d ago

both 360 and ps3 are performing better year on year, and if move/kinect hit their targets it'll keep going up

N4BmpS3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

The Only reason why Nintendo is "down" is because it has been a lot units for past few years but sales do slow down it just seems as if sales went down futher for Nintendo this year. Actually I remember this happening last year but eventually the ended up setting a month record selling 3 million units in one month, we'll just have to wait and see what the fall brings. Consoles all around are performing better than any other generation.

Shoko3049d ago

Of course Wii sales would go 70 million consoles sold, you can't expect the same amount of sales as previous years.

MOSTLY anyone who wanted a Wii has one already. There's plenty of people out there who have been waiting to buy PS3s on the other hand (especially when GT5 launches)

BuIIetproofish_3049d ago

Almost everyone that wants a Wii, has a Wii. I will be buying a PS3 soon and I won't be the only one by the end of the year. I'll probably buy a Xbox 360 S halfway through 2011 too(I am using a 20GB Pro with a failing disc tray now).

J-Smith3049d ago

are you allowed to say *SONY are up* to on this site? LoL

spooky2053049d ago

The 360 has seen a pretty good rise from the new slim console but software sales remain the same. PS3 continues to sell at a expected rate and game attachment is almost the same as the 360. Its looking good for MS and Sony but nintendo already laughed their way to the bank. Sales figures do not enrich my gaming experience but i really do hope the 360 and ps3 do much better as i would hate to see either of them drop out and have to put up with the constant casual software of the wii.

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