NPD: Nintendo Titles Rule U.S. June Top 20

Gamasutra: Nintendo had the largest presence on NPD Group's Top 20 June U.S. video game retail charts, as Mario titles on Wii and Pokemon games on Nintendo DS proliferated the rankings, the tracking firm revealed to Gamasutra on Friday.

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eagle212748d ago

and on top of that the new titles will be as evergreen as the catalog titles. NSMBW has been on the market for 8 months and still in the top 5. I have never seen any company do that except Nintendo. SMG2 will stay in the top 10 through the holidays. Nintendo's fall line-up is awesome so expect even more. :)

N4GAddict2748d ago

Nintendo are the kings at making evergreen titles.

eagle212748d ago

You can say that again. :)

Mahr2748d ago

Shame that Star Successor is not one of those ruling titles.

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