Microtransactions Come to Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Tecmo announced the first expansion pack for Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a survival mode where you try to kill as many enemies as you can with limited health. The bonus content is not free; Tecmo has it priced for 315 yen ($3) in Japan. In September the second expansion pack comes out, which adds in a time attack and in October players will be able to try out the survival mode with Rachel and her new costume. The price for the other two expansion packs has not been announced, but they are likely to be sold at a similar price.

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midgard2293950d ago

thought they wouldnt release Add-ons for NGS but 3 already announced, lol thats great. and 3$ isnt that bad either ;p

PS360WII3950d ago

bound to happen. On the plus sweet that we get extras for the game downside we have to pay for them. First one's only 3 bucks so it's hardly a scam or something

midgard2293950d ago

tho really glad to hear rachael gets a new outfit. but is it me or when you let the game sit and it plays a trailer it looks like rachael is holding a whip???? and what about the rapier she has on her hip, would be nice to see her use it. and we need the DOA outfit back for ryu. i'd prefer him without tights lol

Rythrine3950d ago

Trying to beat this game for the second time. This DLC adds more replay value. Awesome.

teh_tourist3950d ago

i'm definitely picking this up now

s8anicslayer3950d ago

why did they make this game so damn hard?

PS360WII3950d ago

cuz they're old school and games use to be super hard.

BoneMagnus3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

This is not a casual game that you can just pick up and play whenever you feel like it. You need to focus and build your muscle memory to have very fast reflexes.

One tip - there are a few places where bats respawn whenever you leave and re-enter a room. Use these places to build up money to upgrade your weapons.

It is a beast, but when you eventually beat it, you will feel very proud. Also, when you get the hang of it, you will move with the grace and precison of a ninja - it really is cool when the amazing moves you do are not a cut scene or the result of a timed button combo a la God of War(which were cool), but when YOU are making it happen.

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