Why is Singularity Not This Year’s BioShock?

SarcasticGamer: In 2007, BioShock took the gaming world by pleasant surprise. A shock to the system if you will.

Even with a reasonable amount of hype and a good amount of promotion, BioShock’s impact was helped by word of mouth and a strong demo that did a great job of introducing people to the atmosphere of Rapture.

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killyourfm3073d ago

Kudos to yet another website for calling out Activision for leaving Singularity dying on the vine. This is a wonderful game.


Yeah, If this game wasn't published by Activision, I would have been more interested in this game. but at the moment I've actually made a promise never to buy an Activision game as long as that Bobby Kodick is still in charge.
I'm not missing out on anything.

SpaceSquirrel3073d ago

It seems like Activision only cares about Call of Duty and Guitar Hero

Darkstorn3073d ago

The reason Singularity isn't taking the world by storm, as Bioshock did, is because the story isn't nearly as deep or as compelling. Bioshock had philosophizing, twists, great character development, and just about every thing you could want in a subversive, sci-fi video game.

Cernunnos3073d ago

I guess I truly am the only one in the world who thinks that Bioshocks story is sub-par...

ABizzel13073d ago

I don't think Bioshocks story was sub-par. But when people hyped it up like one of the best stories, I was completely let down when I beat the game. It wasn't bad, but it was one of the best for a shooter.

darren_poolies3072d ago


Believe me, your not.

Darkstorn3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )


I think Bioshock's story was better than many RPGs, if only because of the insane level of depth. Modern games do not like to portray real life ideologies in their games because there is a risk of alienating part of your audience. Bioshock took that chance.

It doesn't touch the Metal Gear Solid gamer, however.

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Excalibur3073d ago

I think to many reviews are basing their comments on other reviews as far as it being a Bioshock clone.

Yes it does have a Bioshock feel to it but to call it a blatant Bioshock rip off is a bit too much.

-Mezzo-3073d ago

I agree, every shooter has the same feeling.

SpaceSquirrel3073d ago

I don't see how Singularity is a BioShock ripoff

Cajun Chicken3073d ago

I thought it was this year's Bioshock. Very entertaining game.

e-p-ayeaH3073d ago

The game just feels im playing Wolfenstein...well its also made by Raven studios so it makes sense i guess :/

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