The Biggest Missed Opportunity Of This Generation So Far

There comes a time in-between generations where a game is announced for the upcoming generation. This game generates quite a buzz for being ahead of the previous generation, and giving gamers a taste of what they can expect from the next generation. Today GATT's GamerX takes a look at a game that is very much like that. Announced near the end of the Xbox’s (original) lifespan we come across Dark Sector, a graphically appealing game that looked truly next generation.

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JonDiskonected2745d ago

at the end of the article it says it was released in 2005......I think the 360 was out like in 2006, ps3 in 2007....and this game 2008.....

RedDead2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Nov 2005 360 / dec 05 europe
Nov 06 ps3 / march 07 europe

"When Dark Sector finally came out in 2008, gamers had their hands full with other Next-Generation titles which held the same premise as Dark Sector, and thus it received a lukewarm reception." from article.

Its just saying if the game was released along side the releases of the consoles. Since it was delayed for so long. It had alot of new stuff but by the time it was finally made the new stuff it had was already done

Darkstorn2745d ago


Well, that and the game was extremely repetitive.

2745d ago
Blaine2745d ago

We just didn't care.

I don't see the point of this blog. Sure, Dark Sector was the first "7th console generation" game to put up a trailer, and it was pretty cool, set in space and with a special suit and all, but it was nothing more than a trailer.

Then more trailers and news came out about the game, and opinions were split about the new direction the game was taking--we all noticed what was going on with the game. Then, by the time it came out, it was nothing special anymore.

Bottom line is, the game was nothing special to begin with, and the devs fucked up, delivering a game that was far from what they'd originally shown and not quite up to par in the gameplay department.

My point is, we all knew about it, and we all didn't care because it was nothing special. I don't see why this guy had to blog about it.

/end wall... I'm tired, I'm rambling.

2745d ago
Spenok2744d ago

Eh, i played this game. I didnt enjoy it enough to actually beat the game. It was overly repetative. And pretty much just overall not that fun.