Which Game Genre Needs a Makeover?

From the post: "No videogame genre can survive without evolution. Hell, nothing can survive without evolution. Over time, something bigger and better will appear, and survival of the fittest dictates that one must adapt or die. There are no exceptions. Whether it takes a year or a century, the weak will fall and the strong will take their places.

So, what videogame genre is in greatest need of a lesson in natural selection? There are countless answers, and your own is likely colored by your own experiences. For me, it’s the fighting game. Despite a couple of somewhat important evolutions, my own preferences are issuing an ultimatum: try harder or lose me forever."

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Yuenanimous3047d ago

Interesting article. I agree with a lot of what you said, especially about CoD's online leveling elements. However, I do feel like the fighting game genre isn't about reinventing the wheel. To me it's always been about perfecting the balance between all the characters.

Quagmire3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

FPS Genre. Scratch that, it doesnt need a makeover, it just needs to temporarily stop. Lets see whether devs of FPS games can make other great games within diff genres, or are they only one-trick ponies?