DS crowned market leader after bumper sales week

The storming performance of DS hardware, More Brain Training and its two Pokémon titles have elevated the Nintendo handheld to become the market-leading format this week, MCV can reveal.

In the biggest sales week since Easter, DS was the lead format in both unit and value terms for the first time – overtaking stalwart platforms PS2 and PC.

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DiLeCtioN3943d ago

maybe its time i buy one lol

ItsDubC3943d ago

If you buy one, be prepared to spend plenty of time away from your home consoles.

djt233943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

dbzboy you should buy one with a wifi game like MKDS or buy the new zelda. (that is coming out soon)

DiLeCtioN3943d ago

hmm well i have been staying away from my ps3 for the past 2 days lol

LeonSKennedy4Life3943d ago

Why get a DS??? I mean...I've played practically every game out for it...and...I really don't think I'm missing much by not getting it. I'd rather have games with storylines, action, and GRAPHICS!

PS360WII3943d ago

DS is the handheld to own if you want so great games that yes Leon have storylines and action. The selection of choice is insane and always growing more and more each week. Soon the DS will own the RPG market and with the help of Team Ninja we should be seeing a whole lot more action games with some spunk ^^