Top 10 Females You Couldn't Handle If They Were Real

J Lynch: "Females in video games tend to be designed to do one thing - get the attention of male gamers. Sure they can be just as badass as the male heroes, stars and villains of other games, but their designs almost always lean towards the "exaggerated" side regarding their female endowments. It's one of the reasons there's an entire market for dolls, posters and more (primarily in Asia). Even cosplay has invaded western culture with real-life women becoming "internet famous" just for dressing like the sexier female characters. So of course we've heard all the talk from different gamers saying things like; "You know what I would do to her?"."

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GunShotEddy3046d ago

I could handle that real-life Morrigan. Give me the chance to prove it. I'll have fun at least tryin.

kennykramer3046d ago

I think we'd all have fun trying. *puffs out chest*, however she might kill you if unsatisfied, lol.

ProjectVulcan3046d ago

Morrigan is definitely two squeezing hands full :-)

Redrum0593046d ago

i could so handle all those chicks. at the same time... with a bag of chips.

Shani3045d ago

Totally agree Kenny..
we would all have fun trying..

sikbeta3045d ago

I admit that I'm here for the Pic, that Morrigan is hot, I don't care if I couldn't handle her, I'm fine trying...

Bloodraid3045d ago

Too bad this list seems to be exclusive to games only. I can name off a hell of a lot of anime characters that would be more than a little difficult to handle, haha.

- Ryougi Shiki
- Priscilla
- Lucy / Kaede / Nyuu
- Mion Sonozaki
- Shion Sonozaki
- Rena Ryuugu
- Suzumiya Haruhi

I could continue, but I think this will suffice for now. :D

Mizz_mai3045d ago

this is soooooo
but i'll bite id have felicia darkstalkers.....but with my boyfriend of

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Lord_Doggington3045d ago

My girlfriend's boobs are so little *:(

CobraKai3045d ago

does she at least make up for it with a great ass?

Convas3045d ago

I feel for you bro. Small tits are sucky.

Lord_Doggington3045d ago

YES she does. It's an amazing ass!

-MD-3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I think smaller boobs make some girls even better looking.

The girl in my avatar for example, completely flat chested and would look way worse with larger boobs.

Jeremy Gerard3045d ago

is all that matters to me. Tittys are nice to have but @ss is the true prize.

duplissi3045d ago

who is that girl in your avatar?

Lord_Doggington3045d ago

thanks for letting me feel better about my tittyless gf, y'all

ukilnme3045d ago

Have to agree with Jeremy Gerard. Ass is where it's at.

sikbeta3045d ago

Dudes, boobs are Awesome no matter the size, you should knew that already....

jonlynch3045d ago

The funniest part is that he has 13 agrees for commenting his gf has small boobs. Only 2 people disagree that her boobs are small.

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J-Smith3045d ago

Cammy made me kum-buckets

DigitalHorror813045d ago

She is deelish! A bubble for you, fine sir. You look like you could use one.

The_Devil_Hunter3045d ago

whoa whoa whoa did someone say boobs?

All of a sudden my pants got tighter...hmph.

Umbrella Corp3045d ago

She wouldnt be able to handle what I would do to her holes...

Meowhammad3045d ago

Maybe I can't handle them... but my roofies can.

SaiyanFury3045d ago

Morrigan is indeed hot, in both game form and real life form. Thing is, from what I know about mythology, a succubus is a female demon that has relations with men and during the climax, drains their soul basically killing the man and feeding the succubus. I think I'll stick to imagining "handling" a succubus. :P

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BattersUp3046d ago

If you have to pick a DarkStalkers character, I like Felicia. No it's not the cat suit (yes it is).

BlackBusterCritic3045d ago

I've always been a fan of Felicia. Even had the pleasure of one of my ex's cosplaying as her. I wouldnt mind getting at that Zero Suit Samus though. @[email protected]

Godmars2903046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )


Soul-sucking succubus! Freakin queen of the soul-sucking succubus!

Christie's a literal killer, a high level assassin so there would definitely be some maintenance issues.

Really don't see why Tifa's on the list as far as problematic girlfriends would go. Yeah she's probably dolphin kick you into next week if she really got pissed, but she had no problems with second best to Aeris after knowing Cloud for most of his life!

AssassinHD3046d ago

Death by succubus is the way I would prefer to go. Screw dying in my sleep.