ATI's next generation to come in October

It doesn’t look like ATI is planning any dramatic price cuts of its chips in the short term. Partners and retailers can cut their profit margins in order to get more competitive but the really significant price cuts should come in October.

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Newtype3074d ago

Benchmark wise, the 480 Fermi owns the crown.

OpenGL3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

It also uses 2x as much power, puts out 2x as much heat, and costs 2x to manufacture due to the low chip yields associated with such a large GPU die.

Edit: Just to clarify, I do not think that the Geforce GTX 480 is bad, it is simply a very hot and power hungry card. It is undeniably the fastest single GPU video card on the market, but it doesn't come without its flaws as previously mentioned. Their tessellation model is in my opinion superior to ATI's Radeon 5000 series, but the current GPUs are simply too large and too hot for TSMC's current 40nm manufacturing process.

What's even worse is that Nvidia tried to make a laptop variant of the GTX 480, with a 100W TDP. The funny thing is that no laptop manufactures use it, including Alienware due to the ridiculous power and cooling requirements. For reference, the Mobility Radeon 5870 has a TDP of 50W, which is already quite high for a laptop GPU.

El_Colombiano3073d ago

Nvidia wouldn't be so daft as to make a 100W laptop GPU. That is absurd.

OpenGL3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

EDIT: @ below

Nvidia is setting a bad precedent by releasing such extremely hot and power hungry cards. The life of these chips will be shorted due to their high operating temperatures, more wear will be put on these power supplies, and people will begin to see an increase in their electricity bill. In an era where "green" products are constantly being pushed, a card like GTX 480 doesn't make a lot of sense.

Hideo_Kojima3073d ago

I seriously don't get it...

If you want the best of the best are you going to care how much electricity it spends?

I can understand the price but the heat and the power shouldn't be an issue as you can watercool it and upgrade you PSU.

If you dont want the best of the best than you can just buy an ATI Radeon 5000 series.

hoops3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

The difference in performance between the 5870 and the 480GTX is miniscule. As a matter of fact some games run faster on the 5870 and some games run faster on the 480GTX. They trade wins.

As you see both cards win in some games here and there and even then both are close.
The biggest difference is the 480GTX costs $100+ more and uses more power and is hotter.

@Guntrol: The fastest GPU out is not the 480GTX actually, its the 5970HD. That's the best of the best. Not the 480GTX.
Now the kick ass deal of a card to get is the 460GTX. Nvivida hit a hoke run with this card.

crck3073d ago

@ 1.1.5

Your first link is very limited only benching 5 games and showing benches at 25 x 16(except metro) which hardly anyone has. It also isn't with the latest Nvidia beta drivers release a couple of days ago which boosted performance.

Your 2nd link is a launch review. Since then Nvidia has had 2 driver updates which boosted performance.

If you want a more accurate view look take a look here:

But even these benches don't include the latest driver with a performance boost. Forceware 258.96. Even looking at these though you can already see a pretty big gap in most games.

JOHN_DOH3073d ago

I think the heat of the gtx480 aren't as bad as people say. Playing a game i get gets mine to about 70c and idle around 40c. That's cooler than my 8800gtx and 4890 ran.

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GrilledCheeseBook3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

well it came out months late with much higher heat and power draw so the 470 and 480 really didn't look that good

the 460 does though
best price for performance in my opinion is the 460 but that one is was like half a year late

fossilfern3073d ago

I was tempted to get a 460 but i cant find any models at all with a display port output and i have a monitor with display port but im using DVI since im on a 4870, and im wanting to use the display port to get the full 12Bit colour range that DVI wont carry cuz my monitor supports 12bit. Iv seen no 460 at all with display port so im just gonna wait until these new cards from ATi hit

Vip3r3073d ago

Get a 465 or a 470. I saw one the other day with a display port on it.

crck3073d ago

Zotac has a GTX 460 with display port on it.

ProjectVulcan3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Why are you all arguing about these parts? This is about the 'next' gen. Unfortunately though because TSMC screwed up with 32nm and cancelled it dont expect this 'new' gen to be much faster than the last. Dont expect to see TRULY new generation parts until Q1 2011 when if all goes well, the 28nm node hits.

The best i see from these parts in october is a slightly massaged 5870 that will probably just squeeze out the current GTX480. Unless ati want to build a much bigger chip on 40nm which i doubt (if they want to make a new dual GPU card, there isnt all that much room to wiggle as 5970 is tight on the power constraints already), there wont be any significant performance enhancements from this proposed range.

Im desperately hanging on until that generation of 28nm parts, to secure myself a single GPU card that can beat out the GTX480 without setting my case on fire and costing me 450 pounds....

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NYC_Gamer3074d ago

i might need some of you pc elites help i'm tryna build my first gaming rig

GrilledCheeseBook3074d ago

go to or

the people on their forums would be much more useful than here on N4G

BlackKnight3073d ago

I second BlamMAN 100%

Facts/unbiased advice in N4G comments is a rare breed. Tomshardware community is the best, in fact I have a thread in there right now with a question I just posted today :)

xTruthx3073d ago

Go to tigerdirect for parts, have ordered 3 times from their online store and have had 0 problems. Its real e z and cheap to built a gaming rig this days

Newtype3073d ago

Cheap =| Good

A low end rig, probably. Cases do matter, ease of installation, ventilation, etc. Lian Li cases are the best.

saint_john_paul_ii3073d ago

i spent about $1500 on my machine just the other day.

xTruthx3073d ago

$1500 ? Dang lol, what parts did you buy ? probably a core i7 with 8GB's of ram and what else ?

Hideo_Kojima3073d ago

Either that or a 3.2 Dual Core and 1GB of DDR2 Ram along with a GT8800 from his local Best Buy/Pc World.

But its all worth it am sure he got a discount of his Norton Anti Virus protection.

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mirroredderorrim3073d ago

Final pieces to my new rig requires 2 big, bad graphics cards with all the bells and whistles, with low power consumption. I'm leaning toward the 460, but I am waiting on ATI to see what I'm going to buy.

jjesso19933073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Go for the 460 as really well priced and offers very good performance over the nearly the same priced ATI card 5830, for £175 the 460 1gb version being £179.99

And whenever buying graphics card never care about if its ATI/Nvidia driver problems for ATI long gone and are fine just go for card that's the best in price budget and is good for your build.

OpenGL3073d ago

Why do you need to video cards? I have used SLI before and I do not recommend it unless you're already buying the fastest card out.

Letros3073d ago

2x GTX460 is by far the best price/performance, its rare for cards to scale so well.

Although I still would not go SLI/crossfire personally, still not perfectly working in all games.

richierich3073d ago

I dont see the point in buying one until they make games to take advantage of this technology Im sticking with my 8800GTX

OpenGL3073d ago

The 8800GTX that was in my second PC recently died and it made me very sad. I purchased it in 2006 and it was still having no problems playing the newest games on high settings. :(

El_Colombiano3073d ago

Gosh the 8800 series was amazing. My 8800GT can play today's games no problem.

slyrunner3073d ago

My 587o's have been amazing, ive never cam across a game i couldnt play, i was going for the nvidia route, but that electric bill had my eyes rollin and plus that gain of performance isnt as huge against the 5870's,so i guess i made the right decision right,480 are pretty impressive as well

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