Dream Fight: Developer Death Match – Boon vs Jaffe vs Bleszinski vs Molyneux

This week we'll have four game developers that must of us all know. These men are Ed Boon, David Jaffe, Cliff Bleszinski, and the man of a thousand broken promises -- Peter Molyneux. These 4 men will be fighting in HBG's first ever Developer Death Match.

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Tovan3077d ago

Molyneux could have taken everyone if he didn't have his crazy dog obsession.

Kreyg3077d ago

I always said that dog was bullshit

BeaArthur3077d ago

He would just talk a bunch of sh!t about how great he is and then fail to deliver.

Army_of_Darkness3077d ago

Hahaha! so true, so true...

I'd say Ed boon will kick everyone's a$$! cause isn't he the creator of Mortal Kombat?! he should know a thing or two about fighting by now rite??!

omgpoppanda3077d ago

Cliffy B is going to take everyone out. I promise you

gamerzBEreal173077d ago

with what a 5 year old chainsaw? david jaffe and sweet tooth will blow up and run over all of these guys

Double Toasted3077d ago

Nah, The Hammer of Dawn will disintegrate that ice cream truck xD

Etseix3077d ago

yeah because the hammer of dawn can be aimed to a car on the run, seriously that thing is useless against any car.

MoeThirteen3077d ago

Am i the only one imagining Cliffy B fighting in his bunny suit?

MPR113077d ago

Damn I thought Boon would have had it with those Mortal kombat skills

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The story is too old to be commented.