Epic's Mark Rein talks UT3, PS3, 360, HOME, and much more

Joystiq interviewed Epic's Vice President, Mark Rein to discuss all things Unreal Tournament 3, and its relation with HOME, 360, PC, PS3, Mods, and much more. Hit the jump for the full interview.

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vidoardes3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Cool interview, gives alot of information.

At least all of the 'Gears to PS3' rumors can stop, including the ones about a game set in the gears universe.

"Do you have anything to say about rumors that a game set in the Gears of War universe could be coming to PS3?

That's not going to happen, because Microsoft own the license to that series."

You gotta hand it to them, Epic sure know how to debunk a rumor properly!

It's a shame that the modding tools will only be available to PC players, but I guess it make sense, given that you will need in game assets, and a whole suite of software most console gamers won't have. If you serious enough about UT to be modding it, you'd play the PC version anyways I guess, because of the control system and the fact the this basically the start of the modding community on consoles... maybe in a few years we will see the tools appear on PSN and Live for games like this. Nice to hear about home integration too, at least it won't go live with zero support from devs.

I'm psyched about the dedicated servers too, even if they are pay per play I wouldn't care, let the fragging commence!

seraph pinion3705d ago

I'm a professional fine artist, and I use Photoshop cs2 & cs3, along with
3D Studio Max, and all that together was over 5 grand. If I see tools on
PSN with anywhere near their functionality, I may just have a case of
terminal buyer's remorse.

sonarus3706d ago

I seriously cannot wait till october where home will launch and game devs will have all their home spaces and what not. Bunch of friends meet in the unreal tournament home space and launch their game directly from home. Now thats something:D

DirtyRat3706d ago

Dedicated servers is definately they way to go, I hope M$ start doing this in the future, because peer-peer is crap for shooters, the average upload speed can only support 4-6 players without lagging.

WilliamRLBaker3705d ago

Too many problems, Id much rather have peer to peer and have it last for 10 years, then dedicated servers that tend to disapear after 2 years.

gEnKiE3706d ago

...i cant believe their going to make you pay for pc version just to make mods for the ps3 version of the game...... i hope they change that....

Odion3706d ago

Dirty Rat there are atleast 3 games coming out in 2008 that have said MS is giving them dedicated servers so we may see them use them.


I know I am going to get flamed for this but.... whats the big deal, how is having 10 friends move through the Home world to the UT3 area and then jumping into a game so amazing? Wouldn't it be easier if you could just invite them all to a group and jump into a game without having to move through HOME?

popup3706d ago


The only advantage I can see is having an entertaining lobby to sit around and chat, listen to music and wait for all your buddies to get their arses into gear. Like meeting at the bar before going to Paintball the crap out of each other..

I don't think you have to 'walk' to get anywhere in Home either, you can 'teleport'

Greysturm3706d ago

I like the idea of the chilling lounge more than the current lobby. You and your friends in the clan room with music downstreamed from the clan leader console and pictures of recent achievements maybee even a feed of the last game on the television beats the crap of sitting around chatting before the next match. You have the option of not doing it from home but the social minigames and stuff that you can do until everybody is ready for the next match seems to make it worth it, there have plenty a games i have had to wait a long time for them to finish in order to get to play this way i can atleast entertain myself with various things until they finish and we reload the game.

Kleptic3705d ago

and you don't have to physically walk your character to areas like that if you don't want to...the PSP thing allows you to jump to different "channels" according to if you want to go to the UT3 lounge or whatever they will call it, you can just go directly to that...

I think what a lot of people are missing is that Home will not be a thing where you have to walk around all the is set to be a fully unified space where you can easily jump to anywhere also...your buddy list will have options to go directly to their "apartment" and see their shared music and videos...or go to their trophy room...etc...and you don't have to walk around a mall or whatever to do that if you don't want to...

all it does is gives you everything other services like myspace and XBL's unified invites and stuff...and gives you a 3D character and a space to move around don't have to treat it as a 3D environment all the time can skip all that, at least according to the guys in the beta...

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