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Valay3021d ago

I guess we'll have to wait until Comic-Con for more details.

Cloudberry3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Is this CAPCOM's new game announcement???


Edit :

Just read the article.

I thought it was the next Megaman Legends......... : /

Valay3021d ago

This was Capcom's announcement for today, but there will be more games coming soon.

pedrami913021d ago

Also wonder what Ono's got cookin' for Comic-con.

MajestieBeast3021d ago

SF4 mega ultra aplha zero tournament edition.

AssassinHD3021d ago

I am pretty sure you could fit a "super" in there somewhere.

Natsu X FairyTail3021d ago

This is not what i Want! I want a Megaman X game with Japanese Animation. Not that American Cartoonish lame stuff.

Why cant they just do a MEGAMAN ZX like on nintendo DS but in HD?

RockmanII73021d ago

The X series doesn't make any sense anymore, the series ended with X5 but Capcom milked back in the day for 3 more games. I want Megaman 11 to wrap up the original story, then I want Legends 3 to wrap up that story, then I want a franchise reboot.

MajestieBeast3021d ago

Yet we still dont have a new Strider or Megaman legends.

Spenok3021d ago

Man an HD Strider would be amazing. xD

DA_SHREDDER3021d ago

Wow, I hope its good. This game has so much potential.

Edward-Kraken3021d ago

*megaton facepalm*

No Legends 3 or Megaman X9! WTF seriously.

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The story is too old to be commented.