Reprint For Tales Of Vesperia Now Available

Tales of Vesperia was a little known RPG game from Namco Bandai that came out in 2008. For those of you who missed out on playing it don’t worry; the game received a reprint

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easto1a3072d ago

i think lots of old games may decide to "reprint" too extra money for devs

MightyMark4273072d ago

This is good news for anyone who missed out on its first run on the Xbox 360. Could a reprint a sign of a PS3 localization anytime soon?

ShadyDevil3072d ago

might actually have to pick it up

Game-ur3072d ago

The best produced Tales game so far

MightyMark4273072d ago

my favorite! I hope Rebirth gets localized.

Redempteur3071d ago

that is not tales of destiny director cut ...

GameOn3072d ago

I have 2 copies :). It's not really rare though, at least in UK.

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The story is too old to be commented.