Screens from the upcoming Red Dead Redemption DLC

A week ago Rockstargames announced four new DLC packs for Red Dead Redemption and one of them was 'The Legends and Killers pack'. Now today screenshots of that DLC pack has been released.

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Jayjayff2839d ago

i don't get this are they creating a new island or something

Deathracer2839d ago

I don't think so, its just 9 new single player areas turned into multiyplayer maps. The actual new areas that are not in the game, are in a separate DLC pack.

NonApplicable2839d ago

Cut the crap Rockstar and give us the DLC starring Clint Eastwood!

Nightmare1422839d ago

"A new weapon: The Tomahawk (both single player and multiplayer)" You've just been Tomahawk'd

Akagi2839d ago

I watched that episode last night! But anyway, I welcome this DLC.

bumnut2839d ago (Edited 2839d ago )

If they have so much dlc to release, maybe it should have been included with the game.

2839d ago
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