MGS: Rising 'might' use Move

SystemLink - "Did you watch the Metal Gear Solid: Rising trailer and think "Hey, that'd be a perfect hardcore game for the Move!"? Well, your prayers might have been answered."

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Denethor_II2927d ago

I gonna lock myself in my room and tell anyone who tries to enter to "GO AWAY" if this uses Move.

nikkisixx22927d ago

why? personally, if it uses the Move I'm buying it

DA_SHREDDER2927d ago

That would be the only way I bought the freakin game. Im sorry but using the analog stick as a sword when you have something like the move is beyond retarded.

Denethor_II2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Because I'll be wielding my sword and generally be having a great time. I mean it in a good way:)

sikbeta2927d ago

I'll buy this game for being a MGS Fan, even if I know it's a total spin-off and doesn't have the Awesomeness of the MGS Series, but Move addition would be great, the way Raiden uses the sword as shown in the "cut-cut" MGS:R trailer is kind of cool...

ExplosionSauce2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

It would work perfectly with the Move.
Having watched the (small)gameplay footage shown, it looks like you can control in which way you want Raiden to slice. This can be easily implemented to motion controls like the Move.

DarthBigE2927d ago

yup that was my first thought. hey its perfect for move!

IcemanHH212927d ago

HAHA @Den_UK !!
good one

krisprolls2927d ago

It will support Move but it won't support Kinect, like Ruse.

PS Move 2 - 0 Kinect

(Rising and Ruse)

Bu bu but... we still got Kinectimals.

PhilipLarkin2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Dude - if you mess with Skittles one more time, he will hunt you.

He will find you.

And he WILL kill you.

Theodore872927d ago

He will lick someone to death?

krisprolls2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )


Seriously, what was MS thinking with this disaster ?

They just shot themselves in the foot.

The Great Melon2927d ago

Apparently you haven't seen this.

WildArmed2927d ago

lmfao Great Melon

Kinectanimals may scar your children for live

Cerberus21252927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Playing Sports champion with move bundle $99.99
playing Wii Sports Resort free with $199.99 WII bundle
Playing Kinectimals $209.98 with Kinect
Not having to worry about Skittles.......priceless.

CobraKai2927d ago


Figboy2927d ago

was that a "Taken" reference? lol.

that movie was awesome.

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SSKILLZ2927d ago

It can be dangerous if they make it suitable for Kinect

you don't want a 360 Fanboy running into the Lcd with a crazy slash move thinking they're Raiden. xD

Ravage272927d ago

that made me lol pretty hard :D

Ju2927d ago

If you score that, you are one behind. Dead Space 2: Move 1, Kinect 0

(and if we want to be picky, Dead Space: Extraction (HD): Move 1, Kinect 0 - but that's not coming for the 360. HD Wii port.).

Sarcasm2927d ago

You would look insanely silly prancing around and waving your arms pretending to have a samurai sword looking like an idiot, no serious company will fund such a heinous device!

*Looks at MS*

Oh wait... n/m...

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marinelife92927d ago

It was a suggestion on a podcast that someone said it was hinted that it might? Who approved this??

Cloudberry2927d ago


The Great Melon2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I know! This game looks perfect for it since the sword slashing looks fairly precise. Unless they have really good controls for the controller I can see myself opting for the Move in this game.

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