VG Charts Reliable ? Sony and Codemasters seems thinks so

There has a lot controversy surrounding how reliable VG charts numbers are exactly. As far as how reliable it goes, there have been numerous articles written to prove how dubious VG charts numbers. Just how reliable is VG Chars ? Very reliable according to Sony and Codemasters.

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ngg123453914d ago

HOw does sony announcing that they sold 4.48 million have anything to do with vgcharts 4.04 million? It is off by 400,000 btw.

TriggerHappy3914d ago

Like i said Ngg12345, you really need to read things before spewing out your nonsense, it makes you look un educated. STOP.

ngg123453914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )
I read news from here. It states that the ps3 sales worldwide is 4.48 million. had sales yesterday at 4.02 million. How is sony in any way using their numbers?

Odion3914d ago

Ngg they have links to Sony's money report, interesting stuff in there, as of June 30th 2007 they had sold unit wise 3.6 million and had 600 000 units in retail thats where that 4.4 million comes from.

SO VGchartz is correct because they have july on there.

Mal Reynolds3914d ago

Since when does 3.6 + .6 =4.4? My financial accountant would love you...

3.6 million + 600,000 = 4.2 million. Maybe the article says something about the extra 200,000...

PS360WII3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Well we want to see how consoles are doing and if you want the "real" numbers the only ones that would be accurate would come from the company itself. Seeing that we as a forum like to talk about things we really can't wait for the companies sales figures that they give out, what, once a year?

VGChartz while not entirely accurate still give us a fairly good example of sales and what the market is doing.

kn3914d ago

Sony gives their shipped sales and to customer sales.

1. Sony’s financial report ending June 2007 they say selling numbers are 4.28 million total worldwide (Sony’s report) (THESE ARE SHIPPED TO STORES! SEE POINT NUMBER 2)

2. Sony say that these selling numbers means sold to retailers and other outlets. (17 mins 30 on Sony’s webcast)

3. Sony estimate that there are 600,000 units sold to retailers but not yet sold to the public. (27 mins 35 on Sony’s webcast)

4. Sony figure for consumer sell through as of June 30th 2007 is 3.68 million (4.28 - 0.60 from 1,2,3 above)

5. VG Chartz figure for consumer sell through as of July 1st 2007 is 3.66 million (link)

6. VG Chartz figure for PS3 is very very accurate, less than 1% errror (compare 4 and 5 above).

Sony's own financial disclosure is that they have sold through to retailers 4.28Million minus 600K in the channel. The numbers align pretty dang close. How is that so hard to understand? VG chartz is quoting sold to customers while the 4.28 is shipped to stores. What part of the equation here is so difficult?

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