360 outsells PS3 for seventh straight month in U.S.

Yesterday the NPD group released their monthly video game hardware and software sales figures for the United States for the month of June. June marked the seventh month in a row that the Xbox 360 has outsold its closest rival in the U.S. market, the PlayStation 3. What does this mean for the console war? Will the casual market be the key factor in which of these two consoles comes out on top?

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gaffyh3072d ago

Can a mod ban this guy already ^?

He's been trolling every article for weeks.

tinybigman3072d ago

I have all 3 consoles but I play my PS3 more because of all the great (true) exclusives. This is not to say I don't enjoy both the Wii and 360.

morganfell3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Apparently you didn't bother to read the story. Here, have a tissue:

"While the Xbox 360 is indeed flourishing in the U.S. market, worldwide the story is a little different. For example, in Japan the PS3 sold approximately 73,300 units during the month of June according to Media Create while the 360 sold a measley 25,900 units during same time period. While this disparity doesn't completely make up for the difference between the two consoles in the United States, which is the biggest market in the gaming industry, the story in Japan is pretty much the same thing that is happening in Europe and other regions of the world as well. Overall, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are selling equally well if not the PS3 slightly edging out the 360 month by month. If Microsoft wants to come out of this on top, they are going to have to focus their efforts on other parts of the world, not just America."


Montrealien3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

yep, owned....

However, at the end of the eay, the Wii still dominates with last gen tech, the PS3 will catch to the 360 in about about 2 years, and great games will still be coming out on every console since the market can actually sustain many great consoles, something unheard of 10 years ago, we all win. And here we are, still arguing over semantics because that it what gets us going.


Redrum0593072d ago

So how is the 360 exclusive line up going for ya.
Last I heard, stock holders wanted ms to bail out on gaming.

jaysquared3072d ago

Last I heard Sony was going out of business!

Redrum0593072d ago

sony going out of business?... youve got to be stupid.
sony nor microsoft will go out of business.

Lightsaber3072d ago

"PS3 is slowly catching up considering in January 2009, Xbox product director Aaron Greenberg boasted that they were working on an eight million unit lead over Sony"

In 3 year would anyone really care ? That sound just about right for when the next gen of systems should be hitting.

Plus the rate didnt stay the same the 360 has started out selling it again and the ps3 is once again fallin behind.

Spenok3072d ago

Just like your fanboyism you mean?

siliticx3071d ago

PS3 outsells 360 for several straight years in Japan.

DarkSpawnClone3071d ago

who cares the wii has already won.

AngryTypingGuy3071d ago

It seems that a lot of people, depending on whose side you're on, want either Sony or MS to leave the gaming industry. Don't those people notice how hard the two companies work to out do each other? We benefit from that. If one of the two left, then the industry and our E3's wouldn't be as exciting, the the hardware wouldn't drop in price as quickly. Competition makes things better.

Case in point, WWE. This analogy will only be meaningful to those of you who are wrestling fans. Remember how much better WWE was in the late 90's with WCW as competition? Now, without the direct head to head competition, WWE is not as edgy or fun to watch. Worst of all, it's rated PG. On the other hand, once TNA gets big enough, we will again see WWE the way it's supposed to be. This is the same with MS and Sony. If one goes, the other will rest on their laurels.

morganfell3071d ago

That would be true except for the fact that Sony has completely ruled the console world in the past and they never rested on their laurels.

AngryTypingGuy3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Maybe resting on their laurels isn't the right term, but do you honestly think that either company would be pushing as hard as they do without the direct competition? It's doubtful. They may still crank out the games almost as quickly, but I definitely don't think all of the bells and whistles that come with PSN and Xbox Live would've happened as quickly.

Even still, it seems like Sony fanboys feel like Sony should be entitled to have free reign over the hardcore videogame market without a company like MS coming in and taking a chunk out of, and even overtaking the majority of the market share. MS and any other company has a right to do business if they're willing to put out the operational costs. And if people don't like a certain console, then the market will dictate that. Luckily, the Xbox brand has been an overall success so far.

morganfell3070d ago

The idea that a solo company ruling the roost retards innovation is outdated and quite frankly shortsighted. It seems common sense at first because people have been force fed the axiom that only competition breeds innovation. Such a tenant makes sense for the simple minded.

Ye little could be further from the truth. As I stated, there is truth in action and Sony has shown the ability to innovate even when sitting on the top of the cash pile. It is easy to think every company is the same and will throttle back simply because they have cornered the market. Most companies know that to do so is to invite competition.

Also with a solo platform there is the side affect of having much better titles by developers being able to focus on a single console and play to it's strengths rather than this normal multiplatform idiocy of downgrading all versions in order to place them on what they perceive to be equal terms. Sheer stupidity and truly one of the worst things for the gamer and the game industry.

AngryTypingGuy3069d ago

Morganfell, you're not some genius who is smarter than everyone on this message board. It is possible for a company such as Sony or MS to be the only game in town and innovate and push hard. But to think that any company would push just as hard for just as long without competition as they would with competition is naive and, as you would say, simple minded.

Having one console would definitely eliminate the problem of having multiplatform games dumbed down to fit the lowest common denominator, but it's still better to have competition. Eventually all consoles will be powerful enough where games can reflect exactly what the creators imagine anyway, and nothing will have to be dumbed down. Until that day comes, it's better to have competition and choice for the consumer along the way.

morganfell3069d ago

Ha ha ha, where did I claim to be smarter? That is something you are awarding me. Thank you.

I can't help it if far too many people, including you, have been force fed this idea that competition will bring the best product. In this case it doesn't. The fact that numerous people on this board may think so (but not as many as you believe) doesn't change the truth that Sony has no record, ever, of sitting on their ass. That may make you, as a 360 supporter, somewhat mad but facts are stubborn things.

Want simple minded? Go back and attempt to refute what I said. Sony, even as the king of gaming, still continued to push matters and innovate. Good luck. One of these days you may realize that there are certain worn out axioms that need to go the way of the dodo. You may be transfixed by the standard speech concerning industry innovations, I and numerous other people that break boundaries are not.

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Hyrius3072d ago

I prefer good exclusives rather than sales.

Xander7563072d ago

Sometimes sales can lead to good exclusives though. Building a big userbase is one of the most important things that developers look for when they decide which consoles they want their games on.

nycredude3072d ago


Yeah and how is that working for MS?

candystop3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

"I prefer good exclusives rather than sales."

Well with 360 you get both and good games throughout the year. Just this year alone all the best all around experiences can only be found only on 360.

k-Lan3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )


It's working out great for MS and it's fans. Thanks for the concern. :D

1.4 HolyOrangeCows

Link? lmao!

djfullshred3072d ago

There is a lot more to the business than total console sales that make developing an exclusive for a specific system attractive to a developer. Even if Microsoft always stays ahead of Sony in total hardware, the total amount of hardware out there is enough for devs not to be concerned by that if they have good support, a good business agreement, and enough customers to make a profit. There is a big delusion out there with fanboys that if a game isn't multiplatform, selling 10 million copies, it is a failure.

jaysquared3072d ago

Funny how this works! Last Gen with the PS2 being the dominant console all the PS fanboys kept talking about was the 100+ PS2 that sold and now with the PS3 last its about the exclusives.. hmmm..

Cenobia3071d ago

How do you benefit from good sales?

That is what nycredude was saying. MS may have good sales but I haven't seen them use it to build or buy 1st party studios. If they used the income they received from all the 360 users and actually paid it back, then you could argue the sales #s are good for you.

Sales mean nothing unless they are so low that a console risks going the way of the Dreamcast.

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Red53071d ago

Best all around experiences this year found on the 360?
Last time I checked God of War III, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, MAG, Yakuza 3, Modnation Racers, and (HQ) FFXIII were all great blu ray disc experiences only on the ps3, not to mention titles like GT5 and LBP2 coming in the latter part of the year.

moparful993071d ago

Yes install base means that developers will make games for that console but at this point both systems have broken that magical barrier that dictates who gets what. From now on sales are irrelevant except for people who think this is a race. Both systems have huge install bases and that means the games will come. Whether one outsells the other is all just politics now. Nothing else.

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HolyOrangeCows3072d ago

And for the first time WW in 11 months.

Montrealien3072d ago

I know right? it is crazy! Who would of expected the 360 and the PS3 to be so tight WW 5+ years into the current gen with Nintendo killing it with a modded gamecube.

6 years ago people would of just laughed if someone suggested this would be how the market will look like in the next few years.

What a great time to be a gamer, so much competition and reason for the current big three to work their asses off to please us. we win!

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kagon013072d ago

not the world, but it doesn't matter anyways...

Hallmark Moment3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

It will continue to outsell PS3 worldwide after the slim has sold a full month in the US and full month figures come in after the release in Europe. Then Halo and Kinect will skyrocket the sales in a way not seen this generation. Thin it will be a large boost when the slim arcade launches

Focker-4203072d ago

I hope you know GT5 will sell way more systems than Reach will. We've been waiting for GT5 for 5 years. You've been waiting for Reach for what 2 years max.

Spenok3071d ago

You realize there have been 3 Halo releases so far this generation right? Meaning MOST people who want Halo Reach already have a 360. It will boost sales sure, but not in record numbers no one has ever seen like you suggest. Halo 3 did that, and so far nothing has even touched those numbers. So i dont know where you got that information. Kinect is getting torn apart by media AND gamers alike. Sure there are people supporting it, but not much. Millions will not run out to buy Kinect AND a console at the same time.

GarandShooter3071d ago

Just wipe your eyes before they get red and no one will notice. :)

The Almighty PS3rd3071d ago

Almost 6 years into this generation and Xbox is still winning, easily. No tears here. :)

PS3 is the big fat failure. A.K.A PS3rd.

GarandShooter3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Whatever gave you the idea I was referring to one of the consoles as being the 'loser'? :P

EDIT: BTW, the 360 hasn't even been on the market for 5 years yet, let alone the PS3. Surely you remember waiting in line at launch in November 2005?

Narutone663071d ago

here don't know how to count. Go back to school sonny.

adamx3071d ago

did you enjoy buying the 360 more then once because you know you have. Microsoft has your lil mind on lock.

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multips3fan3071d ago

i swear im sorry i know why ppl call my country the dumbest nation.because us americans rebuy 360s 4 times in a friend lol had 4 rrods.n he just bought a 360 slim instead of ps3.If america keeps acting like this ps3 will be in trouble.

Sez 3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Shhh don't tell anyone I said this ok. But alot of Sony owners also went out a rebrought a ps3 slim. Matter fact many did so in other countries. So it's not an American thing. Matter fact I'm sure people on this have brought more than one ps3. So do you call those guys idiots for rebuying a ps3 or are you that hurt that maybe your friends may like 360 more for still investing in the 360 over ps3? Hmmm

1Victor3071d ago

Is this the NY fanboy the writer of this "fine" article. I don't want to waste my time with this flame bait article

Consoldtobots3071d ago

"However, at the end of the eay, the Wii still dominates with last gen tech"

this matters to most HD gamers about as much as the DS being the biggest selling handheld in that market. The 360 has a horrible game lineup for this year and the Wii isn't much better. I turn my Wii on once every 6 months, my 360 about once a month and my PS3 EVERY DAMN DAY. Which do you think is gonna make more money in the long run? Which platform will continue to have increasing software offerings across every genre that not only surpass what has been done on other platforms but often REDEFINE the genre itself. The only one that can be talked about in those terms is the PS3 my friend. All these fanboy arguments are just an exercise with the more delusional just looking for reasons to deny the inevitable.

N4g_null3071d ago

It's time to go on a n4g vacation and wait for high school and college starts back up. This is getting bad and very unreadable. The posters are not even talking to each other WTF. So far these guys are fighting over about 6 things that don't matter.

Are we witnessing the self destruct of the fanboy? I hope so. Bring back the hardcore that is good at games unread of trolling.

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theonlylolking3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

No gamer should care about their consoles sales since they are not getting money from it.

Xander7563072d ago

I disagree. Check out one of the links in that article to one titled "Do console sales really matter?" There are a variety of reasons that gamers should care about sales of the consoles they own. Imagine if you bought a console that didn't sell AT ALL. Support for it would dry up and you wouldn't have as good of a time with it as if it were highly popular and received a lot of support and new games.

yoghurt3072d ago

Yes, its important a console gets good sales to support devs and encourage more games etc etc, but worldwide sales are important, if we had an article for every country's sales figures it'd be crazy

why not just release one article, worldwide sales each month

Also, we get such random articles - why is it news that 360 outsells ps3 in the US? it always happen, it's like posting an article that states the ps3 is outselling the 360 in Japan

nycredude3072d ago


That only matter if one console sell very very little and another sells tons. And it matters less when a console maker has tons of 1st party.

With worldwide sale of give or take 40,000,000 (360) and 35,500,000 (Ps3) it would be stupid and bad business for a developer to ignore either platform so in this case sales does NOT matter as much as you think.

whothedog3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

So just because you care about sales is going to help it sell? I think GAMERS can not give a shit about sales and it will do the same to the people who like to tout numbers.

I play games, me worrying about sales isn't going to help or hinder anything.

Though its nice to hear a console is doing well, numbers don't make me want to buy a system, games/features do.

djfullshred3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Gamers should care if they have invested in a platform, and that platform is struggling to survive. But that is not the case for any of the big three console makers, regardless who is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

So at this time in 2010, gamers should not care. The products we see today are all going to be around for a while. Even when sales dip, mega companies like Microsoft & Sony will stick to their business plans, and weather the storms.

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IdleLeeSiuLung3072d ago

Nah, the vast majority should NOT care. Content will come to all consoles regardless of sales, just look at the games that came out last generation for GameCube and the original Xbox...

Mustang300C20123072d ago

Dreamcast and 32x say your wrong

k-Lan3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

No gamer should care about their consoles sales since they are not getting money from it...until the PS3rd comes out on top.

raWfodog3072d ago

Buy whatever you want to buy and don't listen to the fanboys from either side. You can't go wrong with either console...but you can be doubly right if you own both :)

IdleLeeSiuLung3071d ago

Triply right if you own all three! Quadruple right if you also own the often left behind PC!

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oldjadedgamer3072d ago

I hope with all this new revenue, MS puts money into creating 1st party studios

oldjadedgamer3072d ago

So all the dis-agreers, you don't want more games?

MRHARDON3072d ago

They will keep shutting them down *Looks at Eensemble Studios and looks away*

Apolloeye3072d ago

America != World

"Overall, the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are selling equally well if not the PS3 slightly edging out the 360 month by month"

blasian3072d ago

How dare you bring up the rest of the world! US is the only country in existence! /s

solar3071d ago

the rest of the world mainly games on PC's. America is truly the only region that console makers care about.

Redempteur3071d ago

lol and that's why show like games com keep getting more attention and momentum
like last year when the ps3 slim was annonced there with the price cut ...

sure america is the only place that matter /s

Rauland3071d ago

when american caches up to the rest of the world, eg metric system and universal health care...