Leveling Difficulty in World of Warcraft: A Retrospective

TGS: "Since the Wrath of the Lich King expansion in 2008, leveling a character has become much easier in World of Warcraft. This editorial will look at the effects of this, what changes have been made and some opinions on making the game easier."

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Raf1k13046d ago

Since I started playing this again the other week I've noticed there are far fewer lower level players running around. Lower level zones are pretty much empty now and even the Barrens which used to be chock-full of player is pretty much empty now. This could be because of it being much easier to level I can't really say but all I know is that since I stopped playing two years ago a lot has changed.

Elven63045d ago

Haven't played World of Warcraft in a while but when I used to play there were quite a few lower level players in most towns. I haven't played the game in a while so it's hard for me to give an accurate comparison to today's standards.