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Submitted by Queasy 2039d ago | article

Impressions and video of Kinect for Xbox 360 at Atlanta Macy’s |
"Microsoft and Macy’s kicked off their in-store demos of Kinect for Xbox 360 on Thursday. The Lenox Square Mall Macy’s in Atlanta is one of those select stores so I headed over with the two best casual gamers I know that are part of the target audience, my kids Cody (8) and Karli (4)." (Kinect, Kinect Adventures, Kinectimals, Microsoft, Xbox 360)

CrAppleton  +   2039d ago
I think it's cool that they're letting people try Kinect out, but why Macy's?
Neco512  +   2039d ago
Probably because Macy's is a "family" store, and they're trying to go with a more family approach with Kinect. Sort of Wii-like
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BeaArthur  +   2039d ago
It's an accessible place for the casual masses to try it out. It's actually pretty smart; they are aware of the target market and are doing a good job of reaching it.
Lord_Doggington  +   2039d ago
The fact that there have been only 25 people to try it out the whole day is disconcerting.

Maybe this Macys thing wasn't such a great idea...
killyourfm  +   2039d ago
So let me get this straight: We can't lay down, can't sit down, and the ladies can't even wear dresses? Man, Kinect sucks the more I hear about it. Great impressions though, pretty fair and unbiased.
DaRockSays  +   2039d ago
if you're a dude, and you play naked, it doesn't know what to do with your pegleg
killyourfm  +   2039d ago
Can't play naked EITHER? So I guess UNO support is out of the question? (Sorry, couldn't resist)
Queasy  +   2039d ago
Well, anything that obstructs the view of the camera will obviously limit its effectiveness.
Omega4  +   2039d ago
Wow those kids ate it up easily lol.

Although I don't get Kinectimals there doesn't seem to be a GUI how are you gonna know what to do next?

Edit: And isn't that the same guy from the other video too...
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Queasy  +   2039d ago
Hard to see in the video but instructions pop up on the bottom of the screen to tell you when to try something.
forcefullpower  +   2039d ago
If you think that is a kid being excited you really do not have any children.
divideby0  +   2039d ago
they picked a good store for the family audience.

How anyone can say there is no lag is frigging blind. Not that this will matter once you get accustomed to the gameplay. Watch the kidz jump, they jump up and are down as their avatar starts to jump..
acky1  +   2039d ago
its been quite annoying listening to people on here proclaiming about the "awful lag". I thought they were just crazed fanboys but seeing this vid tells me they were actually right. not gonna make a difference to the target audience anyway tho.
Qui-Gon Jim  +   2039d ago
There is definite lag
But it is something that developers can work around with the right games. For example, that hurdle racing game from Kinect Sports lights up the hurdles to tell you when to jump.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2039d ago
im going to lenox...
just to see this in action...

Wizziokid  +   2039d ago
so Kinect doesn't like kids?
Sarcasm  +   2039d ago
No... Kinect doesn't like anybody with specific clothes, dark skin, a specific height, a specific age, and of course a specific level of douchiness.
ElementX  +   2039d ago
It looks fun, sure there's some lag if you jump or move swiftly. I might buy one just for the heck of it.
acky1  +   2039d ago
heck, i'll just buy one too...for shitz n giggles
trounbyfire  +   2039d ago
awkward standing in the clothes section
playing a game
oldjadedgamer  +   2039d ago
Considering kinect is marketed at kids (for now) you would think that the device would be a little better at scanning and seeing children
ElementX  +   2039d ago
Maybe the Kinect wasn't adjusted for their height. I didn't watch all the videos.
oldjadedgamer  +   2039d ago
After reading the article, it said the kinect representative had to adjust kinect multiple times to try and get the kids to show on screen. Problem.
Queasy  +   2039d ago
It also said:

"Some of the problems we encountered may have just been the setup in the store because it was hard to tell if the Kinect camera was positioned correctly....It was a little painful to see him physically adjust the tilt of the Kinect camera as I recall reading a warning label saying that Kinect comes equipped with a motorized tilt function and not to do that yourself."

So, there's no telling if the the setup was correct of if there was any damage to the camera because of the mishandling.
BubbleSystemSuck  +   2039d ago
No lag?
there is about 1 second lag
NFGC  +   2039d ago
look more like 500ms. Probably why there will be limited core games support
xg-ei8ht  +   2039d ago
Why would anyone want one, it does not work. Has tons of limitations. But hey it's america, the land of the free and the home of stupid.

Congrats and enjoy another piece of piss poor tech.
Nodoze  +   2039d ago
While I admit the level of sheeple here in the US is staggering (and growing) there is no need to bash us entirely.

I would imagine that the PC you are typing your repsonses on has a processor that was designed by a US company. You are on the internet (A US invention).

I would also venture to guess that there are sheeple where you live as well. They are not all here in the US.
acky1  +   2039d ago
americans make it so easy to rip into them to be fair. they create their own misconceptions.

case in point: every american kid on xbox live and psn
fox news
the people who watch fox news

Actually, the only americans I've ever met have been extremely nice and friendly people. Too bad the nation as a whole doesnt give off that vibe.
krisprolls  +   2039d ago
"To my surprise, there was nobody at the unit when we arrived at about 7 PM with only the gentleman in charge of the demo unit in attendance. He said that they were expecting to have lines out the door but only had around 25 people all day. "

Ah ah, what a flop in the making...

Reading Kinect articles is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

PS Move on the other hand looks a lot more promising with great games supported (Sorcerer, Killzone, Socom, RE5, Time Crisis, Heavy Rain...)
BeaArthur  +   2039d ago
What a coincidence, reading your trolling comments is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.
krisprolls  +   2039d ago
Cry more, I like your fanboy tears.
oldjadedgamer  +   2039d ago
wouldn't consider Bea a fanboy

But I know it's tough to have a real opinion outside of "OMG SONY IS GOD" or "MS IS THE BESTEST"
BeaArthur  +   2039d ago
I think you have use confused. Unlike you I don't have my mouth around a specific gaming companies you know what.
mantisimo  +   2039d ago
@ Bea Arthur above.
Well you should try it, it tastes like chicken.
trounbyfire  +   2039d ago
wow that makes me feel bad because sony did move at best buy and the video was full of people having fun and not looking like "i hope no one sees me"
i guess not that bad

its on N4g search for it but i found a youtube video

see i don't lie they are there, LOL at noob painter

i agree people will see kinect as the second coming
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Wizziokid  +   2039d ago
share the video?

edit: cool stuff, move seems to be doing well but I think Kinect will do well because of the marketing.
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alldayeveryday   2039d ago | Spam
jneul  +   2039d ago
^^ no you are getting mixed up with kinect e3 showings....
candystop  +   2039d ago
Serious question...
What's Move?
krisprolls  +   2039d ago
Serious question...

What's Kinectimals ?
It's like Eyepet, just less funny.

What's Kinect ?
It's like Eyetoy, just more expansive.
absolutecarnage  +   2038d ago
Big surprise, you can always count on Krisprolls to troll kinect articles. I was wondering when i would read your bullsh1t honestly i thought you be the first 10 comments though, i'm sure if you work a little harding at your trolling you get better, what are u at now 3 to 4 hours a day trolling. keep up the good work cool guy
J-Smith  +   2039d ago
*my kids Cody (8) and Milo (4)* LoL poor hardcore xbox360 fans
Dac2u  +   2039d ago
I foresee a LOT of fights starting between siblings. The older kid almost smacked his sister a few times throughout the video I saw.
Whoooop  +   2039d ago
Everytime I read or watch a video about Kinect, I can't help but to lol in my mind...

gololo  +   2039d ago
ok..did u guys see some lag when the kids jump?
jneul  +   2039d ago
lol kinect fail is so funny
tiamat5  +   2039d ago
Yes Kinect is perfect for kids. The kids don't care if it lags or if it takes 20 mins to adust the camera or they have to wear very short pant or have to push the couch all the way back to play it. Parents how ever may have some issues with having to 'prepare' their kids and living room everytime they need to play. Also like I guessed from the beginning Kinect is fine as long as you are not planning to win the game or plan to get the high score or anything. Just like a Fisher price toy the games offer as little challenge as possible so any non responsiveness or lag goes unnoticed. The Joyride game maybe fun but just imagine you are going for first place and suddenly the Kinect stops reading your motions or misunderstands you actions or something interfers with camera like it has reported to have done.Suddenly you are in last place,game over. So for naive kids. Yes. For anyone else? No.
qiqi0003   2039d ago | Spam
xg-ei8ht  +   2039d ago

Yeah i could have said it better tbh, didn't mean america or it's people as a whole. But what staggers me is, if something does not work, then regardless of system, it does not work.

Wii wand works ok, but even placed in a plastic steering wheel for mario kart, there is lag, it's not tight enough. And from reports steering with your hands in mid air is a fking joke.

I doubt sheeple are limited to the usa.

I honetly think people do not use their brains and just believe any old bs from tv.

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