Impressions and video of Kinect for Xbox 360 at Atlanta Macy’s |
"Microsoft and Macy’s kicked off their in-store demos of Kinect for Xbox 360 on Thursday. The Lenox Square Mall Macy’s in Atlanta is one of those select stores so I headed over with the two best casual gamers I know that are part of the target audience, my kids Cody (8) and Karli (4)."

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CrAppleton2480d ago

I think it's cool that they're letting people try Kinect out, but why Macy's?

Neco5122480d ago

Probably because Macy's is a "family" store, and they're trying to go with a more family approach with Kinect. Sort of Wii-like

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BeaArthur2480d ago

It's an accessible place for the casual masses to try it out. It's actually pretty smart; they are aware of the target market and are doing a good job of reaching it.

Lord_Doggington2480d ago

The fact that there have been only 25 people to try it out the whole day is disconcerting.

Maybe this Macys thing wasn't such a great idea...

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killyourfm2480d ago

So let me get this straight: We can't lay down, can't sit down, and the ladies can't even wear dresses? Man, Kinect sucks the more I hear about it. Great impressions though, pretty fair and unbiased.

DaRockSays2480d ago

if you're a dude, and you play naked, it doesn't know what to do with your pegleg

killyourfm2480d ago

Can't play naked EITHER? So I guess UNO support is out of the question? (Sorry, couldn't resist)

Queasy2480d ago

Well, anything that obstructs the view of the camera will obviously limit its effectiveness.

Omega42480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Wow those kids ate it up easily lol.

Although I don't get Kinectimals there doesn't seem to be a GUI how are you gonna know what to do next?

Edit: And isn't that the same guy from the other video too...

Queasy2480d ago

Hard to see in the video but instructions pop up on the bottom of the screen to tell you when to try something.

forcefullpower2480d ago

If you think that is a kid being excited you really do not have any children.

divideby02480d ago

they picked a good store for the family audience.

How anyone can say there is no lag is frigging blind. Not that this will matter once you get accustomed to the gameplay. Watch the kidz jump, they jump up and are down as their avatar starts to jump..

acky12480d ago

its been quite annoying listening to people on here proclaiming about the "awful lag". I thought they were just crazed fanboys but seeing this vid tells me they were actually right. not gonna make a difference to the target audience anyway tho.

Qui-Gon Jim2480d ago

But it is something that developers can work around with the right games. For example, that hurdle racing game from Kinect Sports lights up the hurdles to tell you when to jump.

BubblesDAVERAGE2480d ago

just to see this in action...


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