Rock Band Goes Punk with Bad Religion, The Stooges

Ex: Harmonix and MTV Games announced that tracks from punk legends Bad Religion and The Stooges will be available next week in the Rock Band Music Store.

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Queasy2868d ago

I wanna be sedated...

Oh wait, wrong group.

DaRockSays2868d ago

Old school BR is amazing. Good to see the guys on here

NexGen2868d ago

Yes...can't wait. I don't remember if it was GH or RB, but please give me good old BR rather than....Infected? Ugh. This is good news though!

MMFGaming2868d ago

Does Rock Band have a Ramones soundtrack yet?

killyourfm2868d ago

I think Blitzkrieg Bop is the only Ramones song in there. Shame.

Queasy2868d ago

yeah, it's bogus and something that needs to be remedied.

killyourfm2868d ago

This should be in the PS3 and Wii categories since it's coming to those platforms as well...

DaRockSays2868d ago

Xbox is the only one that matters though, right?

CrAppleton2868d ago

Bad Religion Rocks! Good to see them on RB!

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