Trapped Dead: Kill Some 80's Zombies

Ex: German developer Headup Games is bringing some RTS goodness to your PC this November. Not just real-time strategy, they're doing it with inspiration from 80's horror movies and hordes of zombies.

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Queasy2989d ago

Really need video and pics to see exactly how a zombie themed RTS will work...

Neco5122989d ago

RTS zombies? that's an interesting idea

killyourfm2989d ago

From what I've seen it looks more like an action shooter, but who knows?

DaRockSays2989d ago

It doesn't matter what TYPE of game it is, it's zombies. Zombies always makes your game a winner

CrAppleton2989d ago

LOL, I suppose there's some truth to that

ThanatosDMC2989d ago

Look up "Luncheon of the Dead" on google. You'll get an idea how a great rts zombie game could become.

The Dark Knight2989d ago

Damn you slow computer...i knew this day would come.

killyourfm2989d ago

I don't think your slow computer will have much doesn't look too intense graphically.

The Dark Knight2989d ago

haha oh my computer has troubles running ad's on facebook lmao

2989d ago