HAWX 2 The Redemption of the Series?

We have all heard of the UBISOFT/Tom Clancy foray into air combat gaming. Unfortunately, we all know what a flop the first game was. The graphics were mediocre at best for a game that advertised itself with DirectX 10, the storyline left you wanting much much more, and lets not even get into the disaster that was the online gameplay. Needless to say, Hawx 1 was worth every lack of stars it received. With Hawx 2 though, will Ubisoft be able to redeem this series that never really took off?

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3043d ago

The first one was pretty fun. Definately not an Ace Combat but it has its own vibe that sets it apart from AC.

multips3fan3043d ago

hawk 1 was looked worse than crackdown

Quagmire3043d ago

Never heard of a game called Hawk 1. Maybe you were playing the wrong game. This is H.A.W.X.

Rob Hornecker3043d ago

I liked Hawx.It had a fun mutli-player co-op and some real good graphics. Ace combat use to be the only modern air combat sims for the consoles till Hawx cane out. Before that it was all crummy WW 2 air combat sims.

So??? Wheres the next Ace Combat? Why it's coming out on the PSP! I hope that they don't forget us PS3/Xb 360 owners. I have been waiting for a NEW ace combat for to long now!

3043d ago
jerethdagryphon3040d ago

hawx 2 exists because ps3 gamers are tired of waiting for namco to make ace 7 ubisoft took advantage of it