Racing Deals: NFS Shift & Split/Second

Ex: We wanted to call your attention to a few digital deals happening now through the weekend. Racing fans, step right up

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Queasy2955d ago

I never could get into Shift. The camera stuff was neat but something still felt 'off'.

CrAppleton2955d ago

No way man, Shift was a love song to any fan of NFS games. On another note, Split second is amazing!

killyourfm2955d ago

I don't know about "love song" - I'd say Hot Pursuit will be, but Shift really deconstructed what NFS typically stands for.

Redempteur2955d ago

need fo speeds want cars chases ( with police included )while driving high class cars ...
is it was shift is ? i somewhat doubt it ...

MariaHelFutura2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Off = The cars felt like hovercraft. Playing other "simulation" racing game just re-establish how much I love Gran Turismo and how good Polyphony Digital is at what they do. IMO, GT5P is still the best "simulation" racing game of this gen when it comes to how the cars feel compared to the real cars.

DelbertGrady2955d ago

I also couldn't come to grips with the controls in NFS Shift. Same problem as I had with GRID. Some cars controlled well, others not at all. Split/Second on the other hand was awesome. And when it comes to handling, Dirt 2 felt really tight once you got it down.

MariaHelFutura2955d ago

NFS:Hover is what it should be called. LOL. I never played SplitSecond I might have to try it. Bubble.

killyourfm2955d ago

I seriously dug always though, should have waited for the inevitable PC deal. argh.

Neco5122955d ago

Awesome! Both are great games!

CrAppleton2955d ago

Shift was awesome, the best NFS game in a LONG time

killyourfm2955d ago

Until Criterion delivers Hot Pursuit!

theEx1Le2955d ago

I actually just picked up Shift. Very different from the last NFS game that i played (undercover i think). Different in a good way tho :D

Neko_Mega2955d ago

Love that game, its fun making buildings fall on people playing online.

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