Ubisoft targets 30% share on 3DS

Ubisoft wants 30 per cent market share on 3DS when the platform hits retail, the publisher has told MCV.

Speaking at the recent Ubisoft Summer Fair event, UK sales director Darren Bowen said the firm expects to account for a significant portion of sales when Nintendo’s highly anticipated handheld is released.

“We will have six to eight of the key launch titles on
3DS, so we are expecting anywhere between 25 and
30 per cent share on that platform,” he said.

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qface643074d ago

oh god you know what this means
its PETZ,IMAGINE this and that all over again watch them flood the market all over again

SpoonyRedMage3074d ago

Yup, fecking Ubisoft... have you seen the Ghost Recon 3DS game? It's a direct port of the DS version!

qface643074d ago

i know right when i first saw ghost recon i thought
oh cool wonder what it will look like

its like they are putting little to no effort in at all

kesvalk3073d ago

it's been a while since ubisoft put effort on something...

Fierce Musashi3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Fuc|( no!

I've seen their work on the Nintendo platforms and I'm certainly not happy with it. They must be stopped.