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PhilipLarkin2954d ago

Hmm...Looks like Nightfire dressed up as a modern day Bond film.


nix2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

ugh! is this the kind of graphics we'll be stuck with since it's a multi console game? having said that... it looks fast enough. it's sad that there were no dialogue/smart suave lines etc...? i grew up with those kind of james bond, you know.

too bad no new movies are coming out. and whatever was there has been canned.

morganfell2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Nor digging the Wii graphics at all.

Hopefully they will get rid of the hand holding "Now move two 4 feet ahead. There is a ringing cell phone on the table in front of you Bond, answer it. Now disable that security system on the wall to your right."

siyrobbo2954d ago

Bizzare creations game, i quite enjoyed the club when it first came out, cautiously optimistic about this one

Valay2954d ago

Looks kind of neat. I'll remain cautiously optimistic for now.

Krugsy2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Damn, it looks decent, and I hope it plays good. As there aint no Bond films coming out for awhile (because of the MGM crap) this will have to tie me over for awhile.

It also looks like it could also be going third person...some of the footage looked in-game.

ATi_Elite2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

James Bond 23 is currently in pre production and will be released early summer 2014.

Daniel Craig has two movies to do before Bond (The girl with the dragon tattoo and cowboys and aliens). Bond will not be cancelled because of the sale or Bankruptcy of MGM.

Bond is a HUGE money maker worldwide and the film will receive the royal treatment from the studio once MGM is sold or files for bankruptcy. No one so far wants to buy MGM as MGM filing for bankruptcy means other studios can buy Bond or the Hobbit for cheap as both movies are capable of making $500 million dollars.

Bond, Hannibal, Rocky Balboa, Legally Blond 2, and Valkyrie are the only movies in the last decade to make at least $100 million in profit for MGM compared to the 40 or so movies that lost money or barely broke even.

Krugsy2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Thanks for the info, but none of these projects have been greenlit, so officially they are not in production. Peter Jackson is scouting for actors and building sets for the Hobit in NZ and LA, however this is coming out on his own dime. Warner Bros is currently in negotiations with MGM to get the film made. But for now its still in limbo.

James Bond, was full steam ahead in production several months ago, even signing actress Freida Pinto as a 'Bond Girl' and Sam Mendes as director. But the production was stalled due to the MGM crises.

So while both films are stalled at the moment, they still may be made in a few years when the MGM situation is sorted out. But I think in the case of Bond, it may lose Mendes as they cant just sit around waiting.
(this story has Bond as cancelled, however its only cancelled indefinitely)

Unfortunately, MGM just can't afford to make these films until someone buy's the studio.

BTW - I never said the film would be cancelled, just postponed. :) Hope this clarifies.

Krimmson2954d ago

Where's that damn tux?

Aside from that, that actually looked pretty decent.

VMAN_012954d ago

I'm so sad that the bond film is on indefinite hold, Sony Pictures should just buy the property off MGM after all they did do a fantastic job with rebooting the franchise. It pains me to see the series in its limbo after the potential it has right now :(.

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