Is Kinect ready for its November launch?

Kinect plagued by technical issues from demonstrations thus far. Would Microsoft do well to delay the launch? Msxbox-world explores.

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Wizziokid2991d ago

nope, not until they fix that lag

captain-obvious2991d ago

too much things going on in November

Lord_Doggington2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

has the people having a heck of a time with the games. Even Warzonegamer, as much of douchebag as he is, looks like he's having a pretty good time playing it.

If it's fun, then what's the problem, exactly?

Wizziokid2991d ago

it might be fun but i would rather have a product that works 100% like it's supposed to and not one which will lag for a few months then they will release an updated one.

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iamnsuperman2991d ago

good article I do hope it is the games fault but considering the lack of real game play from conferences shown by Microsoft it self doesn't fill me with confidence. Lets hope that these bugs are fixed before launch because Microsoft probably cannot deal with another hardware launch with hardware defects.

MariaHelFutura2991d ago

I would say, NO. I think the idea is pointless at this point in time, but if they want to use it wait until they release their next console.

Tompkins2991d ago

I've seen various stories which report issues with Kinect. This doesn't bode well at all.

gypsygib2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

At 150$ consumers are going to want a product that works as advertised. MS better make sure this thing works or mollies and daddies all over the country will be returning Kinects 2 days after Christmas.

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The story is too old to be commented.