Tomb Raider Devs “Blown Away “ By Uncharted 2, “It Broke New Ground”

By now, you would’ve thought that the praises Uncharted 2 has been receiving would end. After all, it’s leading up to a year since the game was released. But not so; because in interview after interview, game developers from around the world continue to talk about the game in a positive light, and how Naughty Dog has set a clear path that others must follow.

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and with good reason, uncharted 2 was a game that really REALLY got you glued!!

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NecrumSlavery3069d ago

T9 owns a PS3. He's on my friends list. Just ignore it when he makes non PS3 comments. He loves PS3 as much as everyone else, but likes making snappy comebacks. He an ok guy.

Focker-4203069d ago

This is obviously his second account so he can grab his own ass.

bjornbear3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

T9X69 59m ago | Trolling |
Not me.

bjornbear 0m ago | Rhyming |
then sell your PS3. =3

Boody-Bandit3069d ago

even after I got platinum I went back completed the game 2 more times!

hakis863069d ago

Uncharted is the new tomb Radier, and as I tried the Tomb Radier demo on my PS3 a few years back, I relized that Uncharted: Drakes Fortune was the new standard. Tomb Raider was old fashioned, diffucult controls, etc.

DORMIN3069d ago

I enjoy the Tomb Raider games, even the new ones are actually pretty good. If you didn't like the new Tomb Raider controls, you should try the old Tomb Raider controls for a good laugh.

Uncharted 2 was just on another level, some really damn groundbreaking stuff. Its pretty clear how influential its becoming to many developers.

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who are you again...are you even a developer or have anything to do with games other than being an end user. Even if you dont think uncharted 2 broke new ground, people in the industry do and their opinions hold more weight than yours do. Im just glad that a dev from a rival game can say good things about a product that isn't theirs instead of the usual negative BS....kinda like your comment T9 huh *sigh*


im sure he does, and im sure he is a kool dude. In fact ive got many like him on my psn list. They love winding the sensitive guys up most of the time but sometimes they do actually troll.

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Vojkan3070d ago

“It Broke New Ground” - no sh1t

pinkyxyz3069d ago

remember when that bridge fell in shambala? heard they built a mcdonald's there recently...........

Dylantalon13070d ago

The game is amazing but it wouldnt have been possible without the ps3. I'll say this with the utmost confidence: ps3 is the future and the future is ps3.

RedDead3069d ago

Could've been done on PC.

gillri3069d ago

yes but not a a PC with 256MB RAM, and a 7800 GTX

presto7173069d ago

but where is pc halo? or pc killzone? or pc uncharted? or pc god of war? Pc has all the power and customization but the games are nowhere to be found....

nickjkl3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

got dammit gillri i thought we went over this already

the ps3 has 256MB of ram @ 700Mhz and 256 MB of ram @ 3.2Ghz all of which is used for graphics

and you cant say it is comparable to a 7800gtx because the cpu helps the gpu do its job

RedDead3069d ago

He just said it wouldn't have been possible without the ps3. Yeah whatever...This site is getting rediculous.
Also Pc users don't take the BS console only users take

emk20043069d ago

i dont blame people for not making god of war/ uncharted quality games on pc why should they? the people say they want these games, then they steal them. the power is easly there to make these game and more but people need to quit pirating.

Baka-akaB3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

what's the point of pc only users chiming in ?
It's not like it's a genre particularly cared for on pc , nor are fighting games , and most hack and slash of the dmc/gow type .

Hell the typical answers you get from 100% pc fanboys is usually that they dont care at all , instead of admitting pc got its genres , and consoles have theirs , for everyone's benefits

Ocelot5253069d ago


do you have a pc with 256 XDR ram?
the XDR ram of the ps3 is lightning fast, way faster than even DDR3 on dual channel

do you have a pc with 7 3.2 ghz 64bit cores ?(the SPUs count also as cores, naughty dog has confirmed that they work pretty the same for gaming development)

inception1233069d ago

it couldn't of been done on pc because sony owns ND end of discussion. so how about you and the other pc fanboys crawl back under your rocks and continue to be irrelevant.

RedDead3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Hahaha you think i'm a Pc fanboy? Because you don't agree it can be done on a more powerful Machine? Rediculous. I'm far from a fanboy on any platform, I mean jesus, look at dylantalon's comment and your calling ME a fanboy. He's not saying anything about ND either, he's saying it can only be done on Ps3.

Baka-akaB3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

I dont know if you are a fanboy or not , but then again what's even your point ? It's as if some ferrari driver was to butt in in a conversation between kart drivers and bragging about his superior horsepower...

Do pc users need reassurance repetitivily stating the obvious ? If a perpetually evolving machine didnt perform better , i think that everyone would throw them out .

So what's the point ? The platform do not care for the same kind of games , nor does it have a chance anyway , besides emulation of getting most console exclusives

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xTruthx3069d ago

Thats y I left pc gaming presto

jerethdagryphon3069d ago

ocelot the only thing differentiating spus from true cores is the lack of a bootstrap system, oh and there in order rather then out of order

but yea it takes in take manipulates it outputs it its close enough to a core

Cajun Chicken3069d ago

That's what Naughty Dog does. Console geniuses.

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