Are system downloads set to be an important weapon in the console battle?

One of the key differences between this generation of console hardware and the last is that this time around, network connectivity is assumed to be the rule, rather than the exception.

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Rama262853947d ago

Couldn't agree more.

Game consoles are no longer just for 'gaming' and there is so much more to them these days. I'd certainly say that game software will still be the major decider, but it's certainly nice to be able to continue using your console for other things when you're not playing a game.

DiLeCtioN3947d ago

i agree they are providing good content.
MS-iptv + live=awesome network
Sony-PSN + Home=Revolutionary

Home will definitely change online for PS3

DirtyRat3947d ago

The writers comments in relation to M$ not having the same commitment to updates as Sony is uninformed in my view.
M$ had a much better online service to begin with, whereas PSN is very much still a work in progress, it would have been good for the writer to make readers aware of the current large differences between the online services offered, since LIve is far ahead of both what the Wii and PSN currently offer.

I agree M$ will need to provide updates to stay competitive, but I don't think there is a need for multiple monthly updates.

Igniter3947d ago

This article trys to sweep games out of the picture, but what about digital distribution of full retail games? This already works on the PC right? Yeah, I know, current HD's aren't big enough, but they could sell us USB HD's. Great way to make more profit from accessories and cut out the game sellers!

There has been a lot of arguing here lately about how MS screwed up by continuing to use DVD9 for games. Maybe MS doesn't see any disc as the future for games. Digital distribution is a growing trend and there is no reason it can't expand into games.

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