The 8 most important cats in gaming

Cats are awesome. Of course, if you're a dog person, you probably don't like cats so much - which is actually a great reason to read this article. It will change your mind. That said, being someone who's actually allergic to real cats, virtual ones probably hold a much greater appeal. I'm hoping some of my enthusiasm will rub virtual cat hairs off on you.

Having now disturbed you more than any other intro in recent times, allow me to open the bag and let out the most important cats in gaming.

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Quagmire3048d ago

Oh Gamesradar. how i do love your quirky and laid-back take on gaming.

Felicia is number one most important cat, coz she one fine pussy.


toaster3048d ago

Shouldn't you have like.. 5 bubbles already?

Quagmire3048d ago

thats what i was thinking

Spenok3048d ago

But Quagmire, i thought you hated ALL "top" lists. This may not be a "top 10" list, and it may not have "top" in the title, but it sure as hell is one regardless. New title calls this "Top 8 cats in Gameing"

dalibor3048d ago

Now that's a first for me a cat being launched by weapons. But we all know who the best cat is.... catwoman of course. Batman Returns for the Snes anyone? Side scroller beat 'em up.

Z5013048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )


Barbapapa3048d ago

I was expecting the same.

NMC20073048d ago

If Cats from Zero Wing isn't here then this list.....

distorted_reality3048d ago

Postal 2 is so much fun. So wrong, but so awesome.

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