HMV: Forget about the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of No More Heroes

Remember how crappy the PS360 version of No More Heroes was? It was so crappy that Marvelous had to release a patch in May for "stability."

If you do still remember the horrendous load times and other issues with the game, you're the target of a special message that was included in HMV's No More Heroes 2 listing today.

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Quagmire2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

There was a PS3 and 360 port of a this game?


xztence2780d ago

Released in Japan only.
Don't get why it doesn't have a english release yet, even though the voices were fully in english. they just need to translate the menus and put it out...

oh well i'll never understand some of these publishing company's.

Blacktric2780d ago

A comment made about the game from Play-Asia

"good hack and slash game. The menus and in game voices are in English."

This is for the PS3 version. Since 360 version is not Region Free (Play-Asia only have NTSC-J version) I didn't check it.

So if you really want to play it and have 60 bucks. You can buy and play it in English.

Dragun6192780d ago

Hm, Maybe they're adding Move support?

EYEamNUMBER12780d ago

k this makes sense NMH2 is about to released in japan

AliTheBrit192780d ago

Yeah thats what I was thinking :|

DigitalAnalog2779d ago

It's right here in my shop in Hong Kong, but it's costs 90 US bucks.

-End statement

iforgotmylogin2779d ago

Proof of games that are on the wii's top list dont belong on the ps3/360.

it was decent on the wii why would they port it
NMH2 on the otherhand is awesome.

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Newtype2780d ago

You can buy the JPN version of it for the PS3. No region lock. :D

Theonik2780d ago

Question is finding it. I didn't even know it was released. :O

Venox20082780d ago

buy those on ANY system and don't scrudge money! :)

ReBurn2780d ago

Shouldn't bee too hard to forget considering I was never thinking of it anyway. Good game on Wii, though.

Chromer2779d ago

Here in South Korea in a game store for $20. Pretty fun game. Sucks it's censored on the PS3 only though.

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The story is too old to be commented.