Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft Respond to June NPD Figures

The Big Three analyse sales for the month of June, and point to a typically bright future, with a cheery holiday season.

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pramath16053072d ago

TO be honest,I find it kind of exciting that the 360 outsold the PS3 again. I mean, the console wars would become so boriung and predictable if there were a real winner (never mind the Wii). It's fun as long as both the consoles have to struggle month by month to achieve or retain the top spot. =D
Of course, it's good for me as a gamer too, since it compells the companies to bring me more quality products and games.

xztence3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

As always 360 has a firm grasp on the US market for the time being, but like always taking into account worldwide sales there's a different outcome.

I wonder how long this constant one upping between the 360 and ps3 in the US will go on.

pramath16053072d ago

The way I see it, this will continue this entire generation. And at the end, there will be a very negligible difference, if any at all, between the two consoles cummulative worldwide sales.

xztence3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

^ sure looks to be that way... unless something happens which widens the gap.
I don't expect significant changes either really.

Seeing how they are both on each others toes. and countering when needed (like a pricedrop) It doesn't look like any side will casually let the other widen the gap so easily.

Kleptic3072d ago

I don't think anything major will happen until the next consoles are which most signs point to a new Xbox coming significantly before a new that point, its pretty obvious that the PS3 would begin to pull away from the long the PS3 is supported after the introduction of a new xbox is the main variable to how big the gap is...its not really the PS3 'winning' over the 360 at that point...its simply being relevant longer...

its crazy to me that the 360 is already nearly 5 years old...I can't begin to think about a new console generation when this much stuff is coming to the current consoles...

nix3072d ago

with MS' total shift towards casual market, i wonder if sale numbers will even matter in the near future. just like how Wii's sales are overlooked.

i think we've come to a stage where no matter what the sales are, PS3 is a must for every hardcore gamers for only their exclusives are the best, be it graphics, quality. just look at the last three years. and oh.. 2011 is going to be even bigger.

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lelo2play3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

All companies sold well this month. Good for them and good for gamers.

Very sensible response. Enjoy the games. I sure will ;)

iforgotmylogin3072d ago

the first mistake you made was saying
never mind the wii
sony and microsoft watch nintendo now.and copy them too.

Shubhankar3072d ago

Well, bleak month overall. Thankfully, the great games are still selling.
And will someone PLEASE tell me WHY Just Dance is selling so much?

pramath16053072d ago

I honestly don't know. Seeing it up there with Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros and Red Dead Redemption, I think I died a little on the inside.

raztad3071d ago


Dont understimate the purchase power of the casual Wii market. There are millions of Wii owners out there waiting for their next fix.

EasilyTheBest3072d ago

How much will Kinect boost 360 sales. Im already suprised by how many casuals I know are getting it without it being advertised yet.
I also wonder if Microsoft are not releasing an Arcade till Kinect comes out so there will be an Arcade and conect bundle for the casuals.
4gb internal memory casuals dont need the hard drive.
Also I wonder if the New 250gb 360s will drop to £149 on Nov 4th.
Arcade 4gb at £99 or even lower.

Its all on how much Kinect will be priced at.
If its £99 stand alone or perhaps £169 with an Arcade skew.
Could it possibly be even less?

I think MS has it all planned out well so far.
Kinect and an arcade has got to come in at round about the same price as a Wii.

Dread3072d ago

you got to hand Ms some credit here. love them or hate them they are a savy bunch.

I would also add that Halo Reach is coming out in Sptember, and will compete directly with Sony Move. I think this might hamper Sony's momentum. Also Kenect will come out when Sony brings out the big gun GT5. So the point is that MS is always countering Sony. This is competition at its finest.

I know most of the poeple here hate MS, but the fact is that MS has penetrated the gaming market and has provided much needed competition, which will ultumately result in more games for us!!

gypsygib3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Wow that is a 360 fanboy site if I ever saw one - look at language the guy uses, he loves dispariging the PS3. I hate fanboys. Anyways, 360 S really sold well beating even the Wii, I bought one and love it.

I wish there were global monthly sales though,just showing America doesn't really show how well each console is really doing - Europe buy a lot of consoles too and I don't know if I can trust vgchartz

Spenok3071d ago

Unfortunatly VGcharts is the best there is at the moment. They arent 100% acurate. But they are the closest to seeing what the general idea is for how games/consoles are selling. So when you look at there numbers, just take them with a grain of salt going in either direction.

raztad3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

In this article all the negative adjectives are for Sony products, good going Gamingbolt. As expected a short sighted and biased "analysis".

The xbox is selling pretty cheap, almost PS2 price, quite tempting if you ask me. MS already hit the lowest bound in the price war. There is no much room to maneuver there.

Lets see what is the impact of the casual market in the next holidays. It might turn to be huge for MS is Kinect is sucesful in capturing people imagination. If it doesnt it will be a huge blow for MS.

PS3 has other assets going on for it besides MOVE. The stocks are replenished again and for teh first time Sony is making profit from each PS3 sold. GT5 will do wonders, specially in Japan and Europe. The PS3 still has a loot of room in the price war, actually it doubles the arcade model. And btw 305k doesnt translate to "performing dismally"

himdeel3072d ago

...sales numbers worldwide. It will push consoles much like MGS4 did. I'm pretty confident MOVE and Kinect will do fine sales wise but uncertain if they will create any real waves in the industry. One is being marketed all over and the other is just about invisible from a marketing prospective.

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