Square-Enix: Trouble Fitting FFXIV On PS3

NowGamer: The Japanese giant explains why the PS3 version is "taking a lot longer than we first thought"

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FangBlade3045d ago

Wow, no wonder they canceled the 360 version, this game is going to be massive!

jimmins3045d ago

That's the way I see it too. If they're having so much trouble cramming it onto PS3, you can bet your bottom dollar, the game - on a technical level - is going to be INSANE.

Legosz3045d ago

And even better on my PC.

ruiner44823044d ago

Which translates to the game is going to get screwed because of the ps3 just like ffxi got screwed cause of the ps2. The lowest common denominator. >.>

Biggest3044d ago

I was an avid FFXI player. I was annoyed as hell with first the influx of console players, and then with the console limitations. But hopefully their thinking ahead this time and making the game as advanced as possible. That way they won't have to add much that the PS3 can dumb down. And please, don't confuse me for a PC or 360 guy. But I do know what held FFXI back and it'll probably happen again.

Shout out to Bismarck!

mikeslemonade3044d ago

PS3 is not the lowest. They have to make it for PC users that have middle of the line specs, so they don't shrink their demographic.

I think the developers are just garbage to begin with. There should be no reason why this game is having a hard time fitting. The visuals of this game are mediocre at best.

Arnon3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

Huzzah. And the console dumbs down the PC port once again in the Final Fantasy Online franchise. Thank you SE for releasing this on a console. Implying anyone would be silly enough to play an MMO on a console in the first place. You guys better not screw this up and limit the better version like you did last time with Final Fantasy XI.

Xfanboy3044d ago

It just might be big...

ruiner44823044d ago

You people obviously didn't play ffxi. If you did you would know that the ps2 was the downfall of item management due to memory issues. Which will more than likely be a problem 5 years down the road. Disagree all you want but anyone that played ffxi knows this.

@Biggest Bismarck represent! Also playing with consoles doesn't bother me I just wish they weren't gimped to the low memory. Because I imagine once we hit the end we will have several max level jobs with a ton of gear.

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Omega43045d ago ShowReplies(9)
N4PS3Fanboys3045d ago

Article on N4G just the other day: "Square: We Want FFXIV on 360"


Kingdom Come3044d ago

Your stating Facts.
The word Denial comes to mind...

gamer78043045d ago

They are not talking about dvd/bluray space. Alot is downloaded to the hard drive for mmo's just like ffxi from their servers so this is a non-issue

They are talking RAM.

PS3 = 256, VRAM 256mb
xbox 360 = 256, VRAM 256 Shared + Onboard 10mb Frame Buffer (split for description purposes, 512 altogether)

Total RAM + VRAM
PS3 = 512mb
Xbox 360 = 522mb

nickjkl3045d ago

even with that ram it still cant produce 720p wih significant AA

PirosThe4th3045d ago

the problem is the game is made for pc... a pc game being ported to ps3...
the way the game engine works would be impossible to make it work perfectly with the spu... as long as they reduce stress on graphics card with spus the game should work fine...
but for me if i get it it would be pc version XD

jneul3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

^^lol they may have to build a new engine that maximises the spu's then to be honest that is the only way they will achieve amazing graphics and an open world environment.
the pc architecture is way too reliant on memory/gpu so i am calling it now, dig out that white engine you made SE (before you went multi)

catguykyou3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

"Crystal Tools is a game engine created by Japan-based RPG developer company, Square Enix, for in-house use. Originally titled, "White Engine", it was renamed in the development process of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It has been built specifically to create seventh generation games. It was originally planned to be used with the Playstation 2, when it was swapped to the PS3. Tetsuya Nomura, a well known employee of Square Enix, has stated 'Swapping from PS2 to PS3 is a lot harder from PS1 to PS2; the hurdles are much greater'."

Hope that explains you mystical White engine, capturing all the power of the PS3.

You should note that long before XIII was announced for 360, SE stated that the white engine was a multiplatform engine which was one of the facts that was brought up a ton when people would argue that XIII would eventually go multiplat.

nickjkl3045d ago


no it was originall stated that the white engine was ps3 only

it was also stated that the white engine used 4 of the 6 spus

it was then announced in 07 that it was going cross platform between pc and ps3

and it wasnt until 08 did they announce it was going multiplatform between pc ps3 and 360 and this was when we thought final fantasy 13 was still a ps3 exclusive which was after it was announced

MadMan003045d ago

Don't use logic on N4G people still think you are wrong even if you throw facts in there face just look at your disagrees, lol.

Look at the guy that replied to you, he had to bring up a complete different subject, lol such losers.

cmrbe3045d ago

Well thats even more reason why SE might not see the point in porting it to the x360 since HD is not standard.

Legosz3045d ago

My PC has 4GB DDR3 ram.
I think I am golden.

cryymoar3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

don't even try to bring up specs if you're only gona show one aspect of the RAM chips.

PS3: 256MB GDDR3 @ 700mhz + 256MB XDR @ 3.2GHz
xb360: 512MB GDDR3 @ 700mhz + 10MB eDRAM

When programmed right, especially with a Hard Drive cache set aside, the PS3's RAM alone walks (notice I said "walk") circles around the xb360.

scar-leg3044d ago

Mine has 6gb DDR3 RAM but I still use my PS3 WAY more. Why? Because PC gaming isn't as fun and isn't as dedicated to gaming. And in reality even though I have a monster PC I still can't achieve graphics better than Uncharted 2 even with the PS3's "limited RAM".

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kagon013045d ago

^That statement was dumb, its obvious the PC is the superior version.

GrilledCheeseBook3045d ago

i didn't see how they came to that conclusion at the end

Homegamer3045d ago

well this does make sense why it wouldn't be on the xbox360 but the real reason why this game isn't on the xbox360 is because microsoft turned square enix's offer down thats the real reason why it isn't on the xbox360

Sony3603044d ago

Let's go by the Ps3 fanboy mentality here.

They're gonna screw this game up on the PC to make it run on the Ps3.

UnwanteDreamz3044d ago

So like 10 of your last 10 comments are about PS3 fanboys or about your negative PS3 opinions.

I find it funny that you call out fankids while trolling your a** off in the PS3 articles. I will be reporting your ignorant comments as spam now.

Sony3603044d ago

A good way to draw attention away from the Ps3 struggling to run a game is to randomly bring up that it's not on another console.


UnwanteDreamz3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

I am pretty sure mostly XBOXers fight about the PC not being a platform. IMO FF online will be a multiplatform release because it is on the PS3 as well as PC.

I also think it is ignorant to imply that the PS3 not being able to preform like a PC means something more than PC hardware upgrades faster than consoles.

I am also sure that these words were wasted on a troll.

Devlin3044d ago

Did you read the article? They're having problems cramming the game into the PS3's ram. The 360 has more ram than the PS3 so it wouldn't be a problem on that platform. Not to mention the additional 10MB of cache on the ATI chip.

Garnett3044d ago

SE wanted this on 360, but MS didnt.

If it can be done on PS3, then it can be done on 360.

RonRico3044d ago

Are there a lot of games that are +50GB? On PC?

scar-leg3044d ago

I doubt you'd want to use up that much HDD space on a game xD

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Feckles3045d ago

Does this mean that PS3/PC won't be able to play together?

3045d ago
Reibooi3045d ago

Doubtful. All this is going to affect is how good the game looks and that has nothing to do with how it runs.

If you go back to Final Fantasy XI for a example. The PS2 and 360 versions graphically look like crap while the PC version run at max looks pretty good. All those run on the same servers(PS2 360 and PC) So this will not affect the ability for the different platforms to play together. If the game is up and running on PS3 you will be playing with PC players as well.

ikkokucrisis3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

SE claims that they wanted FF14 on the 360 platform as well:

If they were having problems "fitting" anything content/memory related on the PS3, there would be the same if not major problems developing it for the 360 as well.

The fact that SE considered making this game for both next generation consoles and are blaming their difficulties on the PS3 means that their design philosophy is flawed.

At this rate I wouldn't be suprised if SE is disowned from their own country.

N4g_null3044d ago

Ok so because the xbox falls short it's ok for the ps3? Or is it's the xbox fualt the ps3 does not have more ram?

So because se wants to make a better game their design is flawed.

Ok I get it Sony can do no wrong and all this talk about power is unlimited is true even beating out pc gaming I understand. Circling the wagons only makes it easier to use grenades.

Also on topic is this square way of breaking up with companies lol.

Oh carts your way too small
DVD last gen
Console ram I never loved you.

Pc ram is so much bigger lol. It's stuff like this that proves the ps3 is long in the teeth.

Ethier way they just have to compress things meaning you know you sort of don't need all that massive space on the blu ray right. I mean people have been saying this for a while but fanboys don't want to listen or better yet they make claims that can be blasted by devs trying to do more in these games.

zag3044d ago

I actaully think the news piece is a load of rubish.

Aion runs on the Crysis engine for MMOs.

And this is the thing with ALL MMOs released they run on the hardware that came out 5 to 10 years ago.

Hell a Intel 300 128meg on-board GFX card will run Aion fine, with 15 to 20 FPS AVG across the board.

I've yet to see a top notch looking MMO, it's all low poly objects nothing that will push the hardware too hard, or use up 4gigs of GFX ram.

So I'd say it's all made up, even the PC side won't push a PC hardware as you need people on a MMO and whats the point of making an MMO that only 5 people can play because of hardware needs to be top of the line.

cyril sneer3044d ago

@Zag I do believe Aion uses the cryengine from the original farcry on pc.

kevnb3044d ago

maybe next gen, for now just make it a good game.

TechnicalBS3044d ago

No. If they use the same servers, both PS3 and PC gamers can play together. I use to play FFXI on the PS2, followed by the 360 when my PS2 burnt out and I played on the same server.

ikkokucrisis3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

i'd rather play this game on a console.

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Optical_Matrix3045d ago

Games gonna be HUGE: CONFIRMED.

RadientFlux3045d ago

the amount of ram a game requires does not confirm that the game is going to be huge

hybridtheory123045d ago

The fact that its a Final Fantasy game confirms its gonna be huge.

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cobraagent3045d ago

It got postponed and testers won't have access to the pc beta till Monday :(
Come on SE!!!