Top 10 anti-stealth games

PLAY celebrates games that actively discourage caution and reward balls-out aggression.

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Jallen3077d ago

Don't agree with TimeSplitters 2 being on there, harder difficulties almost force you to be stealthy. Would have put Just Cause 2 in it's place.

Kurt Russell3077d ago

Bring back Timesplitters!!!

Jallen3076d ago

They've renewed the Timesplitters Trademark.

Quagmire3077d ago

I, Quagmire hereby sentence all articles with the title containing the following "THE TOP" - followed by any number, banned and/or ignored by N4G and its users.

All those in favour, say "I".

All those oppose, say "I HATE VIDEO GAMES"

...honestly, this is just getting outta hand

Kurt Russell3077d ago

It does take a large percentage of the site... But you need some junk reading to get away from the repeating stories.

SuperMassiveGav3077d ago

You don't do a very good job of ignoring them Quagmire. You're always among the first to comment!