Why Valve Is Vital To The Future Of PlayStation

NowGamer: How Valve has gone from Sony critic to one of the most vital cogs in PlayStation's online future...

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I_find_it_funny3046d ago

this article is full of bs, fail and idiotic deductions

dorron3046d ago

PS3 could do just fine without Valve and Gabe Newell. Still, the more developers the better for PS3.

iamnsuperman3046d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. PS3 has already got great exclusive developers which produce amazing exclusive games.

MasFlowKiller3046d ago

This guys is delusional,
having Valve games is kool but not "Vital To The Future Of PlayStation"

theonlylolking3046d ago

It could but with steam it PS3 keeps its momentum going.

sikbeta3046d ago


Couldn't say it better pal, the PS3 is doing Great without Valve, to now, suddenly claim that, but of course the More Games, the Better...

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DJMarty3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

It's actually the other way round Valve needs PlayStation. Reason PS3 is the only console to see year on year growth. Valve could'nt ignore a growing PS3 user base. Considering PC & 360 are rife with piracy, and PS3 is piracy free.

tdrules3046d ago


You know how much Steam has decreased piracy, I have no figures admittedly, but so many people I know used to pirate games because it was easier for them.
But now Steam is easier and they get a good service out of it so they moved to that.

Anyway this is about the PS3, and no one should be against Steamworks being implemented, seeing as it offers stuff PSN still doesn't have, or you can be stubborn and hate it because its not made by Sony

JasonXE3046d ago

hahaha oh that made my day.

Pandamobile3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

People don't really pirate Valve games. If they do, that have no access to the online features of the game, so it ends up being pretty pointless, that and most of the pirated versions are stuck in Russian.

kaos_fish II3046d ago

Not true.. I've seen all of Valve's games stripped of their Steam components but still having functional online play.. and in english too. There are vids on You Tube

OpenGL3046d ago

Yeah, in the past pirated valve games lacked the multi-player component, so on a title like Left 4 Dead there's no point in playing the pirated version.

Also, Valve does not need Playstation, nor does Playstation need Valve. Both companies have survived and for the most part done well without the other for years.

Pandamobile3046d ago

Yeah, but the actual amount of people pirating the games is so small it's not even an issue for them. The most popular Portal torrent only has like 130 seeds.

I'd like to know how many people are actually playing TF2 online illegally.

evrfighter3046d ago

"but still having functional online play"

playing on cracked servers in china, russia, or brazil is indeed functional.

but you'd almost have to be a masochist if you really wanted to play that way.

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NYC_Gamer3046d ago

this steamwork feature helps expand psn

Boody-Bandit3046d ago (Edited 3046d ago )

Oh man I couldn't have said it better myself because up until Vavle got on board the PS3 has been struggling to bring out top notch compelling software and an open ended network interface! /s

Steam is a nice addition to PSN and nothing more. Sony already offers so much and they are always expanding and adding to it. Welcome aboard the S train valve. Buckle in and enjoy your ride. We have installed a special wide seat for you Mr. Newell.

Spenok3046d ago

Agreed. Sony has been doing fine without them so far. This is just another welcome addition to the console.

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