Japan Charts: Hot Shots Golf Moves The Millionth PS3

The anticipated release of Hot Shots Golf 5 for PlayStation 3 more than doubled sales of Sony's game console this week in Japan, which turned out to be the final boost it needed to get over one million units.

A momentous landmark, but far off the mark from what Sony expected. Had you suggested at the PS3's launch that Sony would be logging their millionth domestic sale in August -- ten months later -- you'd have been laughed out of the room.

It's being noted all around that Hot Shots Golf did well for a PlayStation 3 game, which is a compliment of the for-a-fat-person-you-don't-sweat-much variety. It moved over 150,000 units, which is one of the biggest PS3 game launches yet.

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hikikimori3972d ago

I wish they would translate, and get this game shipped out to the rest of us pronto! I love Hot Shots Golf.

emogen3972d ago

I thought the ps3 reached that a few weeks ago. I think it was reported on Kotaku.

paracardium3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

This story was like 2 weeks old already or longer .I remember reading almost the exact same story on this site.

s8anicslayer3972d ago

me too, i remember weeks ago reading that the ps3 has sold over a million units in japan. these contributors need to stop posting nonsense just to score points!

djt233972d ago

wow people really like this game. so ps3 have 3 games that sell over million copies