Queues "Amazing" for New Xbox 360 Slim

UK retailer GAME describes a "fantastic atmosphere" in their 400 stores across the country as the new Xbox 360 went on sale to eager gamers.

They opened at midnight and were met with "amazing demand" as the new leaner and much quieter Xbox 360 hardware got snapped up.

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ConanOBrien3075d ago ShowReplies(2)
The real killer3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Eager gamers who buy a another 360S, it's freaking Re-Purse.
They are willing spent another 300,- Euro for their second or third 360.


I agree with you.

Even i have boucht two time's the 360, becouse i play games.
Now i have bought 360S for 275,- Euro, so i spent 1050,- EU on those crap consoles yet i buy them becouse i have game for my 360 and i love that game's

I spent only 400,- PS3 FAT two years ago, yet this beast still run and cost me nothing more than 400,- like the 360 for 1050,- for those 360 consoles. Great right be happy boy that we al re-purse those console's.

And yes, the disagree clickers are back.

Wait, not al PS3 owners get a update like Millions of 360m users, damn the PS3 is just perfect and reliable, that's why i spent only 400,- instead of 1050,- Euro's.

HarryM3075d ago

Another one.

Let me tell you something. If your Xbox 360 gets the RRoD or whatever you're referring to, you send it back to Microsoft and they repair it for you (for free).

And if people are actually buying it again because they don't want to wait 2-3 weeks, that just shows how many people are in love with the console..

TheMART3075d ago

Like PS3 Slim sales spike was about PS3 fatty users buying another PS3 Slim, spending another 300 for their second or third PS3 that has less YLOD, and is less noisy?

This works either way mate. ATM its just a fact that the 360 gets a good salesspike because of it. The gap between PS3 and 360 installed base is getting larger again.

I'm interested when the PS3 will get to 2nd place in sales as so many claim for years already. We're 4 years down the road after PS3's release and its still 6 mln. behind. It takes another 4 year to get even maybe? If it will at all...

DiScOPiMp3075d ago

Just like the FAT PS3 owners upgraded to the slim when it came out.... U PS3 fanboys are so full of shit!

Dread3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

what is your point?

are u implying that the same thing did not happen when the playstation slim came out?

If it is true that people are re-buying them, i think that it reflects the fact that poeple love the console. Either way, how is this a bad thing for MS.

Are you bitter or something.

Edit: hey realkiller why did you not return the fricking thing, do you not know that they repair them for free!

kewlkat0073075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

You must be Lucky..I bet you the Fat dies...Good luck with your Laser Bro.

Just bought a Slim, since PS3 Fat went south..

..Plenty people probably stayed away from an xbox 360 because of the "HIGH" Failure rates of the Original models...I've overheard random people talking about getting a Xbox Slim because they like the design and they are no longer afraid of it failing after 6 months.

Who knows how many more 360's would sell if the RROD wasn't so big early on. If you look at the 360's Library there are plenty good games. No reason to not buy one.

Projekt7tuning3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

@ The real killer
Yea owners of the PS3 fat definitely didn't buy PS3 slims when they came out. LOL.
STFU you hypocrite.

I own both systems and wouldn't mind having the slims for both systems. They both look pretty good.

J-Smith3075d ago

oh look the xbox360's master is here to mr.mart LoL this site is really gone 2006/7

& there are *NO* Queues in the UK, i work for GAME

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Shadow Flare3075d ago

I don't understand why people would queue for this. Its not like its a brand new generation console. I wouldn't have queued for the ps3 slim launch. Whats the point? I already have a ps3. Such a waste of time to queue for hours. Just wait till the afternoon or next day and pick one up

darkequitus3075d ago

It is the UK Queuing for anything is normal.

Kurt Russell3075d ago

people do it for the ipod... why not a console.

ReBurn3075d ago

I think the buzz around a new piece of hardware is fun. I remember waiting in the line for the Wii launch and there was so much excitement in the air!

I'm sure it won't be long before the console warriors start waging their silly battles in this thread. But for a moment the nostalgia feels good, man.

Spenok3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

I remember the Wii midnight line. I got off work (from manageing a gamestore across the parking lot) ((my store didnt get enough Wii's for me to buy one)) walked across the street and waited in line all night to buy the wii, and as soon as i bought it i walked back to work to sell it to my line xD

Nostalgia indeed :D

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