Medal of Honor Beta Impressions

From TAGS: "After the success of the Battlefield series, DICE has cemented itself as one of the best developers of online shooters for both PC and Consoles. After the brilliant game that was Battlefield Bad Company 2 I am ready to give anything they make a good go. So I was obviously excited at the announcement that DICE was making the multiplayer component for Medal of Honor, so does it have a chance to live up to the Battlefield games?

In a nutshell? Unfortunately no, it can’t live up to the Battlefield games, but that is because it is aiming down a slightly smaller scope. After playing Medal of Honor for a few hours it is clear that it is going for the Call of Duty crown and all of the money that comes with it. I have been a critic of Modern Warfare 2, but it is still a great game, sure it has a few glitches and can be laggy at times but the games popularity shows that it does something right."

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Dellis3072d ago

Here are mine

1.Make it 60fps

2.Fix the horrible graphics

3.Fix the crap lighting