9 reasons why PC gamers are more hardcore

Hooked Gamers has put together a list of 9 reasons why PC gamers are more hardcore than console gamers.

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reload443073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

Farmville, Chess, Solitaire, Poker, UNO... those are really hardcore

smoothdude3072d ago

OMG, that was totally hardcore. You can't do that on a console!!

Conloles3072d ago

Wow reload and consoles are really 1080P /s

Go back to your inbred town

tdrules3072d ago

Halo, Call Of Duty, Gears Of War, Madden... those are really hardcore

xTHRASHx3072d ago

Lol idiot. Mario, Sonic, Kinect, Pokemon... yeah those are real hardcore

Kiriel3073d ago

Got news for you. You haven't read the article but you should, it says something about you. :)

Superior versions of Mass Effect, Dragon age. Sequels to brilliant games such as Starcraft and Diablo coming up. Moddable versions of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction available.

Baka-akaB3072d ago

most mmos arent even hardcore anymore . The only thing hardcore would be the amount of hours some people are willing to spend there

ThanatosDMC3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

What is the definition of "hardcore" then? I think, there was an N4G article about this. I dont like MMOs... never could get into it. Only tried to play an MMO game called Conquer. It was ver weird for my taste.

ThanatosDMC3072d ago

RTS games. Company of Heroes pwns!

bjornbear3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

RTS is the MAIN reason for a PC IN MY OPINION.

its definitely the one genre it absolutely destroys consoles at, and until a good RTS/TBS game makes it to consoles (not Halo wars that sh!t isn't a real RTS) PC's will have that absolute advantage over it.

when I can play a Total War game on my PS3, then we have real competition =O

Baka-akaB3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

The part that really made me laugh is "the average pc gamer drains his wallet.. awaits crysis 2.. etc" . The article seems to have forgetton the average part .

The average pc gamer is worried weither or not their specs can indeed run starcraft 2 , some upcoming mmos ,and source based games smoothly

RagTagBnd4453072d ago

Almost every PC can run SC2, MMOs and Source.

Baka-akaB3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

you didnt get my point . Just look at related spec subjects , and you'll see people checking those infos out .

Someone with an high end pc doesnt really need to check . The truth of the matter is the average pc doesnt drain their wallet , they play popular games wich are designed for low to medium machines like the ones we mentioned .

We all know blizzard even make a point of having everything running well on every machines .

Crytek loved to blame the initial slow start of crysis on piracy , but truth is most people didnt feel like buying a new graphic card or changing their pc , for just that one game .

The article as a whole feel like a fanboy's wetdream , regardless of the actual greatness of pc gaming

callahan093072d ago

You can build a PC at for less than 500 dollars that's more than twice as capable compared to the recommended (not minimum) requirements for Starcraft 2. And that includes 110 dollars paid for the OS.

RagTagBnd4453072d ago

I'm a pc gamer, but i won't really say we are more hardcore.

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The story is too old to be commented.