Would You Play An MMO On Console?

This week, Square Enix confirmed once and for all that their upcoming MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, will not be released on the Xbox 360. Despite the fact that FF XIV will still make it to PlayStation 3 (albeit later than its PC release), this news spurred a discussion on this week's episode of Respec Radio about whether or not the MMO genre will ever really break through to consoles.

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Forbidden_Darkness3071d ago

Yeah if i had the time i would

T9X693071d ago

I would depending on what type of MMO it was.

MysticStrummer3070d ago

I played the hell out of Everquest Online Advenures on my PS2, so yes. I'm looking forward to The Agency and DC Universe Online. I'll keep an eye on Final Fantasy XIV, but chocobos make me dry heave.

dorron3070d ago

Yeah, but only if there was no monthly fee and if it had some kind of single player offline campaign (at least a little one).

jneul3070d ago

yes i will be playing ffxiv on ps3, my pc is not powerful enough to play it

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