Fan-made film goes Beyond Black Mesa

There's something magical about Valve. I'm convinced that they have little demons that run around and whisper in people's ears, inspiring them to commit dark acts of supplication towards the mythology of Half-Life. Just as well, seeing how the developer seems to be taking their sweet time expanding it themselves.

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Kingdom Come2989d ago

I want my Half-Life 2: Episode 3 News, I dont care much for Portal 2 (Although I see the appeal and technically it is brilliant)

Justin_bristoe2989d ago

i need the orange box collection on ps3!! i'll buy it from someone!!!

manwich252989d ago

this just gets me all worked up. why is Ep3 so far off?

Aphe2989d ago

That's pretty bloody good. I love watching fan made vids when they're well made. Some good talent there.

swiftshot932989d ago

Im getting tired of waiting for Episode 3.

Aphe2989d ago

Yeah it's taking the piss now. Episodic gaming was supposed to be quickly made to satisfy fans, but it's been years now. It's not satisfying us.

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The story is too old to be commented.