Consoles Goddesses Get Friendly in Neptune Bonus Items

Andriasang: System wars? More like system love! These Super Dimensional Game Neptune retailer pre-order bonuses, revealed in full color today (they were previously just sketches), have the game's characters, many of whom are meant to be personifications of video game systems, getting nice and cozy with each other.

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Tuxmask553050d ago

I'm liking the softmap catgirls one.

Spenok3049d ago

Agreed, the catgirl one is easily the best.

ranmafandude3049d ago

another ps3 jrpg on the way!!

ThanatosDMC3049d ago

Why is her boob so weird looking on the second pic? It's like not attached to anything.

Newtype3049d ago

Sega's answer to console wars.

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The story is too old to be commented.