Eurogamer Interview: Crystal Dynamics talks Lara Croft

Eurogamer writes: "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will be available to download from Xbox Live Arcade on 18th August and from the PlayStation Store and Steam a month later. To celebrate Larry's return, we have for your viewing pleasure an exclusive new trailer, lovingly displayed below.

We also pinned down brand director Karl Stewart and producer Forest Large to discuss her (isometric) new perspective. Read on for Crystal Dynamics' thoughts on sex, modernity, and what's next for our beloved English rose."

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chak_3072d ago

are you insane crystal?

Releasing your game one month later than xbox makes it go into september, an already crowded month gaming-wise.

August was perfectly fine. cheap, 10 days before mafia 2, intended to buy it on steam.

But 6 days before CIV 5, 2 after darksiders and 2 weeks before gothic 4 and two after mafia? are you trying to fail at all cost or something?

I'm disappointed, and will indeed not buy that game anymore, won't have time for it.