Xbox 360 Slim put older models to shame

The source reviewed the new Xbox 360 "Slim" and focussed on loudness and power consumption. The results are impressive: The new Xbox is a lot more silent than the codenamed Falcon Xbox 360. The same applies for power consumption.

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8800gtx3048d ago

Its still an older design in comparison to me:P


The real killer3048d ago

Good point, but they have still problems like DVD scratch or Wifi.
I think, we will hear more some problems like heating.

I got the my yesterday, it's pretty heat if you ask me, but no yet engine anymore :)

Ult iMate3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

wi-fi problems on new X360S? Did I miss something?

newhumanbreed3048d ago

lol wut? Your comment made no sense.

Wikkid6663048d ago

There is no wifi problem.

Internal wifi adapter is a single band and requires open ports. Nothing new or different than any other console.

Yes, the air coming out is warm... the rest of the console isn't even warm.

And as for the scratched dvds... this isn't rocket science. Don't move the machine when it's on. As anything in life take care of your belongings.

hoops3046d ago

Problems with Wifi with the new Xbox360s? It is actually using a faster protocol than the PS3. How is there a problem with that? Real killer you make zero sense in all your posts and the reason you get so many disagrees with every post you make here on N4G.COM

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xxLuckyStrike3048d ago

This is the what the 2005 launch console should have been...

120FPS3048d ago

It should you're right however it wasnt and MS have paid for it, 1 billion dollars to be precise

Ju3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Thought the same thing. Imagine, they would have released that back then.

BTW: $1B + the supposed two years it took them to "redesign" the thing (that's almost a complete new console).

But I think MS has something here.

Ult iMate3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

But in that case, implementing wi-fi, hdmi, making the system more reliable, less hot and noisy - that all would took more time to create a console. And also X360 with such specs and reliability would definately cost more on start, than original X360 (because of more quality components and assemble).

So if MS were to make X360 more reliable and with more features on start, it would took them more time and they were to compete with Sony on launch time and price. What would gamers choose back in 2007, were X360 and PS3 to launch practically at the same time and practically for the same price?

xxLuckyStrike3048d ago

the damn thing needed to run cooler, quieter and be more reliable. Was that too much to ask. I've had to return my 360 3x. If your gonna do somthing do it right. For the most part Nintendo and sony did it....

Ya they wanted to get a jump on Nintendo and Sony by launching first. But, look where thats got them, fighting to stay out of third place. Say what you will they should of done it right the first time.

divideby03048d ago

sounds good...only problem is their use of Xclamp vs a real fix

Wikkid6663048d ago

Xclamp was never a problem and never will be a problem. The heat was the issue. Poor fan placement and really bad placement of the dvd drive.

byeGollum3048d ago

it looks gorgeous. best looking console out there now. If only looks mattered ^^)
I just got alan wake .. cant wait to play that.

mirroredderorrim3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

I saw it too. yesterday, in fact. Reminded me of the PlayStation 3 fatty.

A rather lopsided one.

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