Mutant Storm Empire (XBLA) Trailer

Gametrailers say "Coming soon to the Xbox Live Marketplace, another insane 3D space shooter from the people at Pom Pom games."

Click and read the story to get the HD version.

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_insane_cobra3783d ago

There are two new Mutant Storm Empire trailers, actually. Can't wait, Mutant Storm was one of my favorite modern twin stick shooters.

BrainDrain3783d ago

I've been looking forward to the sequel for a long time. Thought it had been scrapped or something. Hopefully, ti comes out soon.

God of Gaming3783d ago

Looks fantastic, loved the first!

HeavyweightInTheGame3782d ago

Looks okay. Nice to have quality games finally coming to XBLA. They have had a few crappier ones recently.