Is There More Borderlands DLC On The Horizon?

When Borderlands was launched it was a smash hit, with its new FPS/RPG elements. Then Gearbox set in motion the many DLC packs that kept the game alive for even longer. They set up a twitter account promoting the DLC for the game. After General Knoxx was released, it went dormant……. until today.

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Forbidden_Darkness3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

I hope it's more like the zombie back, i've enjoyed that one the most :)

Or it could be a hint at a new game :)

T9X693022d ago

Yea I'm betting on the official announcement of a sequel, I believe they already said they planned on making another. I was kind of skeptical about the first one before it launched last year, but after picking it up it was one of my favorite games of 09. Borderlands 2, bring it on Gearbox.

Forbidden_Darkness3022d ago

Yeah, and they patented the name Borderworlds, so it could be true.

blockmonkey3022d ago

I'm down for either. While DLC sounds fun, I would almost prefer a sequel.

maawdawg3021d ago

Same here. I hope in any DLC they do decide to put out that they patch the game to scale everything to lvl 61. Being lvl 61 is nice but now you really can't do anything but the General Knoxx DLC since everything else in the world stayed at the lvl 50 cap.

Borderlands was easily one of my most played games last year so I am totally in for anything Gearbox does with the series going forward.

DarthJay3022d ago

This is easily my favorite next gen game of all time. Like someone else said, I am down for whatever they want to do, more DLC or sequel. This game is one of the few examples of how to do everything right, from co-op to DLC. I didn't feel like I was paying for something that belonged in the game when I got DLC. I am a little scared of a sequel though because I have a feeling it will mean all new characters, but I am sure they will make it awesome.

Megaton3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Yes. Gonna just have to trust me on that, but yes, DLC 4 is coming.

distorted_reality3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Bah ninja edit. Happy they're continuing to support the game.

Megaton3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Can't risk a friend's job, gotta be vague, had to edit.

I'll say this much though; it's so far along, that I'm amazed they haven't announced it yet.

ChronoJoe3021d ago

Sure, game has a lot of potential... I'd rather they'd work on BL2 though, BL is good but not perfect. They could make BL2 a much better game.

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