Want A Homemade Halo Spike Grenade?

Well this bad boy doesn’t explode though, “u mad?” This replica was made and put on Ebay by seller Smik6.The 38″ long grenade is made of PVC pipe, smooth on urethane, aluminum, and faux leather. The longest blades are 19″. This grenade is awesome because it’s so brutal looking.

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Forbidden_Darkness2748d ago

Who can i test this on if i buy it?

Kreyg2748d ago (Edited 2748d ago )

It's huge -- that's what she said

MoeThirteen2748d ago

I wonder if the seller can make it blow up for a little extra?

HarryM2747d ago

Those spikes better be real. >_<

Kreyg2747d ago

hopefully for when I throw it at Kotick