Home Interview: You Just Have To Be There

PSXE interviews Home boss Jack Buser and perhaps surprisingly, the big focus in Home right now is games. Games, games, games...over 100 in Home already and more to come.

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Baltis3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

I haven't been on home in ever - it sucked too much for my taste. Refresh my memory, they have games on there now? Like, good ones? Last I was on they took away some games. Carriage return for one. They can't be good games.

edit- just logged in, walked around - Where are these 100 games? I don't get it. Salt, pool, bowling, some ufo flying game, chess and that's about it. Pretty lame. I see that publishers have some lame mini games on their home space but hardly worth a look.

Bell Boy3049d ago

Or you could have spent more than 2 minutes looking with your attitude that this will be no good.

Why not try the Buzz, Siren, Infamous and Resistance spaces, play some chess go to the minis space the list goes on and on.

Home is not for everyone and it does not have to be, but all the bs there is nothing to do is lame. Primarily Home is designed to interact ie chat with fellow gamers all the mini games are there to help facilitate people gathering in one spot.

If you don't like it that's fine but I assure you it is never empty what ever time you go on, so Sony is doing something right it just is not for you.

Apolloeye3049d ago

Read this article, it lists where all the games are: