Call Of Duty 4 Beta Not US-Only After All?

An IW rep has told Kotaku that the Call of Duty 4 beta is not US-only...well it is, but only for a little while...

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batman2million3735d ago

man im looking forward to this. The e3 trailer blew me away.

Does anyone know if this is gonna be like halo 3 beta where you have to sign up or do u just download it off live?

Kirderf3734d ago

Really hope this is true.

jinn3734d ago

don't buy it. you'll just be wasting $59.99+tax on this game. didn't call of duty 3 just come out last November. can't they just make one title and then work on a new title rather than making numerous amounts of call of duties. trust me call of duty 5 is probably in development.

DG3734d ago

Two very different developers are making part 4 and 3. One of them is not that good guess which one. If you played part 2 and 3 you would know what Im talking about.