Midway investing $30 million in Stranglehold - Most expensive next-generation game

Midway's European MD Martin Spiess has told the publisher is investing USD 30 million in upcoming action game Stranglehold.

Spiess claims the new IP could be the most expensive next-generation game in development, but is confident that come the September release the massive investment will pay off, with retail and consumers already very positive about the title.

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DiLeCtioN3787d ago

this gen is really pricy

marinelife93787d ago

I'm not sure what about the game cost 30 mil? Are they sure that's USD's?

s8anicslayer3787d ago

that's why people are buying the, it's cheap

ShiftyLookingCow3787d ago

John Woo could have made a film I guess

sjappie3787d ago

It doesn't really show from what I've seen.

Crazyglues3787d ago

AGREED!!! this is not on my radar as a game to get it really doesn't show next gen graphics at all to me. Looks more cheesy

I mean look at what killzone 2 did with 30 million and now look at what they did. Huge difference. -in their defense I think they where not really set on making a nex gen title but more an every system title that could be spread across all platforms.

VirusE3787d ago

They must be eating tons of "business lunches"! 30 mill is some serious cheese.

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The story is too old to be commented.