What the 360 Should Improve on

Steven Beynon of wrote: "The 360 does a shit ton for a video game system. It plays movies, music, and even games! Microsoft's Xbox is a great system, but it can do somethings a bit better, especially with their next system expected to drop within the next few years."

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HeroXIV3075d ago

Real IM

I have a bad habit of getting into text message conversations while playing games. Why can't I just have a chat window on the screen? Or even a lobby on the dashboard that allows voice and text chat? "

I'm confused, doesn't the 360 have this now?

Seijoru3075d ago

My PS3 is my media center.

Donny3075d ago

mine too. i put in like 30 hours a week playing games, and as much as i can watching blurays, it really is the untimate gamine/multimedia center. ;)

krisprolls3075d ago

Yeah, and my 360 is my paperweight, especially the HDDVD player.

dizzleK3075d ago

no complaints here, it does what i need it to (play games) and thats good enough for me.

halojunkie3075d ago

better games that are not over rated and over advertised.

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The story is too old to be commented.